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May 10, 2006
Bomberman - PSP Preview
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Classic Bomberman blasting...
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Ohhh, the menu screen.

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Taking on a boss.
Bomberman is one of those games that has stood the test of time. No matter what the gaming system you can almost be certain that at some stage HudsonSoft's title will make an appearance. The series first appeared on the MSX and ZX Spectrum but until then the game has essentially remained the same. As with most current generation titles, despite the core gameplay remaining the same the developers have seen fit to include a story.

An ominous black shadow is creeping towards Bomberman's planet, and sudden attacks by a mysterious robot army have brain-washed the inhabitants of surrounding planets and caused mass chaos. Now Bomberman must embark on an intergalactic adventure to stop this evil menace and save his planet.

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One of the zany characters.
Gameplay remains pretty faithful to previous titles. That is you are placed in a large grid where you can move around horizontally or vertically placing a series of bombs to destroy items blocking your way, and ultimately the enemies within the level. It may sound easy, but not only do you have to watch out for enemy bombs, but also your own as they both do harm. There's plenty of pickups available giving gamers speed boosts, more powerful bombs or any number of new measures to improve your chances in the game.

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More madness, and another level.
Normal mode is the latest single player Bomberman adventure, complete with a new story and 100 levels as well as a new item stock system that allows for the collection and strategic use of more items. Classic mode is based on original Bomberman gameplay and features over 50 different levels for players to experience. Multiplayer battle mode allows up to 4 players to fight for survival in a variety of highly customizable game types across 20 different stages via wireless ad hoc play, while game sharing lets up to 4 players battle together in timeless multiplayer party modes with just one UMD.

As you can see the graphics in this PSP version of Bomberman have been given a bit of an overhaul from the old days with 3D graphics now evident. The game is due out in early 2007.