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Oct. 18 2005
Brothers in Arms: D-Day - PSP Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
7/12/2006UbisoftUbisoftGearbox /
Ubisoft Shanghai

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Among the best PSP graphics to date.
A couple of years ago Ubisoft announced a new World War II game called Brothers in Arms. It immediately generated plenty of interest due to two factors. The first was that the game was actually in development at Gearbox, a company which had a rather large following due to Half-Life expansion packs Blue Shift and Opposing Force. The game was also interesting in that rather then being a FPS as seems to be the rage, it took on a more strategic slant with gamers given the opportunity to order friendly solders around the field.

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Aiming the rifle.
While this game is being developed by Ubisoft Shanghai the company is still enlisting the assistance of Gearbox to ensure authenticity. In this game you play as Baker as you make your way to Carentan and as Hartsock as you head toward St. Sauveur, encompassing the entire Normandy campaign.

Brothers In Arms: D-Day brings players the best of the Brothers In Arms franchise in a handheld gaming system. Players will experience D-Day as a Screaming Eagle with more tactics and action exclusive to the PSP system. Now players can surprise the enemy for the ultimate advantage in firefights, leading a fire team throughout the entire Normandy campaign.

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A rather boring screenshot really.
So what's new in this PSP version then? Well Ubisoft are promising that the game will include all-new teammate capabilities, improved enemy A.I., new weapons and destroyable cover. Here's hoping that in the process the developers haven't had to take any shortcuts with other areas of the title, but we're hopeful. For the first time, players will also be able to lead a bazooka team, order their squad on an MG42, or fire mortar rounds.

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Battle on the farmyard.
As with most PSP titles these days Brothers in Arms: D-Day allows you to play with a friend over ad hoc (wireless) through 12 different Skirmish missions in four different game modes through the co-op campaign.

Brothers in Arms: D-Day is shaping up as another wonderful PSP exclusive title for this Christmas. The graphics are superb, the gameplay should be frantic and fans of the bigger console games should certainly keep an eye on this game closer to release this December.