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July 12, 2005
Ape Academy - Preview
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The ape becomes a matador!
Now here's a party game if ever there was one. Sony have taken their much-loved monkeys from Ape Escape and put them in a compendium of 44 insane mini-games. In fact the premise behind Ape Academy is that the monkey's must graduate from the Ape Academy to become experts in monkey business. OK so it's not much of a story, but this is about mini-games and fun and it looks like the developers are set to deliver this in spades.

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Don't worry, ours won't have Japanese writing.
In terms of mini-games some of the sports/activities we have seen include air hockey, being a matador (see top pic here), a game involving catching falling bombs and throwing them at the opposition, monkey bowling and sprint races to name just a few.

Wi-Fi, as you would expect plays a pretty big part in this game and the developers are supporting 2-players on a single PSP unit, or 4-player with the Wi-Fi mode with two units. Strangely we haven't been able to find confirmation of Wi-Fi for 4-players on four PSP units.

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What the hell is this about!
Graphically this game is quite brillian. Bold, crisp colours and graphics make this visually appealing. The character have just as much charm as those in the Ape Escape games and with a solid frame rate this should be a visual tour de force.

Ape Academy looks like the perfect multi-player party game although we are a little bit concerned about the two players on one system setup. Expect the title to hit the shelves through Sony in time for launch.