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Jan. 11, 2006
Armored Core: Formula Front - PSP Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
16/2/2005505 Game StreetFrom Software1-2$79.95

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That's some nice graphics.
Call it our inner child, but there's something very cool about the idea of controlling a massive 100 foot high battle mech and blasting shit out of everything in sight. Perhaps it's a fantasty that will never happen, but at least it can in video game form, with From Software's Armored Core series being one of the most accomplished to date. The series has seen several releases on PS2 and now it's time for PSP owners to also get in on the thrills with Armored Core: Formula Front.

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Battle in the snow.
Battles in Armored Core: Formula Front take place in 20 large arenas, but it's the level of customization available in the game which far surpasses that found in any of the previous PS2 titles in the Armored Core series that is the most exciting. There are hundreds of parts and weapons to choose from, multiple paint options, as well as the part tuning and AI programming features, the number of possible AC design outcomes is almost unlimited.

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Assembly time folks...
As expected the PSP allows for ad hoc Wifi play for up to 2-players in Armored Core: Formula Front. Yes, the game should have allowed for more (4 or 8 would have been stunning!), but it should extend the game life considerbly. Armored Core enthusiasts now have two different ways to participate in head-to-head battles. For those who prefer to devise combat strategies and then set their creations loose, there is the game’s AI AC play method. For players wanting a more “hands-on" approach so they can strut their piloting skills, there is the manually controlled AC play option. The wireless connectivity option also makes it possible to transfer team and emblem data between systems.

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Check out the visual effects!
The surrounding screenshots certainly demonstrate that From Software have got a good grip of the PSP's hardware with some fluid movement, wonderful explosions and suitably detailed game worlds.

It will be interesting to see how well From Software have managed to get to grips with the PSP, and if they can deliver an engrossing mech experience on the system. Expect Armored Core: Formula Front to be released through Red Ant in early February.