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July 26, 2006
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception - PSP Preview
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Multiple targets ahead.
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Taking out the radar.

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The PSP version looks wonderful.
The PSP is a system which has been graced by several technically superb titles, and now there looks like being another title added to that list Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. The series has earned a large following on the Playstation 2 and this PSP title is sure to also generate quite a bit of interest - which it is already doing in fact.

In the game you take on the role of an ace pilot defending the country of Aurelia. The playerís adventure begins after the neighboring country of Leasath, who filled with secretive motives veiled behind long internal conflict, has invaded. Itís time to liberate your country for freedom for all!

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Wait until you see this baby in action!
One thing that really impresses me about this game is that it simply looks spectacular. The PSP has a slower system speed then the PS2, however looking at this game in action you would hardly tell. Texturing is impressive, and the number of enemies on screen rivals that of the PS2 title as well.

Best news for PAL gamers is that this game is due out here in November, only a couple of weeks after Japanese and American gamers will get their hands on the title in late October. This is one PSP title that we can't wait to play.