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July 22 2014
Wonder Flick - PS4 Preview
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The game will be filled with different enemies.
Wonder Flick is a title which should excite a lot of RPG gamers the world over. Not only is Level-5 (Dragon Quest) the developer, but the title is slated to hit multiple platforms - PS3, PSVita and Playstation 4 (as well as XBox One and Wii U). In fact, the game is already out now in Japan on iOS and Android devices and being received rather favouribly.

As gamers would be aware Level-5 are one of the RPG powerhouse developers and this release has some of their best people working on it including producer/director Akihiro Hino, character design by Takuzo Nagano and Nao Ikeda, with music being handled by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu.

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These are Wii U Wonderflick screens.
The player, known as "the fortunate one", washes ashore in Grimnarth, a world that everyone dreamed of, yet no one has ever seen an enormous land, scattered with dungeons and towns. A land where a monarch seeks aid in order to save his kingdom. A world of peril, where monsters and kings among dragons await.

As we can see from the trailer below this is a turn based RPG which, according to to the developers is a "1000-hour" game with a large component of exploration and battles with a monsters and full customisation of your character with items collected in your adventures.

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Visuals really are quite gorgeous.
There's still a lot to learn about this game, but we do know each platform will include exclusive dungeons while save files will apparently be cross-compatible. The Playstation version will also have second screen support via smartphones and tablets, and we'd be gobsmacked if that doesn't include the PSVita.

So we don't know anything near what we would like about this title, but the developers alone, Level-5, command attention whenever they release a new title. The game is currently schedule for release in Japan in late 2014, but we don't expect those outside Japan to see the title for some time after it launches there - if at all. Given the quality of Level-5's RPG's though we expect, or at least hope, it will make the jump to America and Europe at some point.

Below is the Japanese trailer for the PS4 version of Wonder Flick which shows off quite a bit of gameplay.