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January 16 2015
Wild - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
2015SonySonyWild Sheep
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Wild is set 10,000 years ago.
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Danger is always present in the game.

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Published by Sony, Wild is a PS4 exclusive.
One of the biggest shocks in recent times in the video game world was the news that Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil among others, was breaking away from Ubisoft and forming his own indie studio called Wild Sheep. Importantly, however he will continue to work closely with Ubisoft on thier projects, so it's the best of both worlds. So what are Wild Sheep working on? Well as unveiled at Gamescom in August 2014, it's this game called Wild.

To be honest little is known about this game to date but we do know that Wild is set 10,000 years ago when you need to use your instincts and intuition to thrive, or even just survive, in an incredibly hostile environment.

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Wild is hitting PS4 in 2015 (hopefully).
So this is a third person adventure/survival game where you will need to experiment with your surroundings in your quest for survival - a simple plant could just as easily save your life... or bring about a swift death. Exactly how the game plays remains to be seen.

One pretty neat aspect of this game is that, as per the description, you will be able to "venture into your friends' game worlds to help them survive". We're not quite sure if this means a MMO styled game, 2-player co-op, by using Shareplay on the PS4 or just a hint system as seen in games such as Dark Souls. No doubt more will be unveiled closer to release.

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The lands will be filled with wildlife.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots, or indeed the announcement trailer below, this is a pretty gorgeous looking game with a variety of locations and climates, a wide range of wildlife, and some great looking characters.

Despite the Michel Ancel's ties to Ubisoft this game is actually going to be published by Sony and has been confirmed as a PS4 exclusive. Already looking pretty gorgeous we can only hope the gameplay in this title matches the potential, and the talent of Michel Ancel. As yet there's no set release date but hopefully sometime this year.

Below is the announcement trailer for Wild released at Gamescom in August 2014. It's already looking pretty nice. Enjoy...