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August 23 2013
Resogun - PS4 Preview
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Resogun is a great looking PS4 title.
Finnish based developers Housemarque may not be a household name, but their PS3 shooter Super Stardust HD is one the consoles most loved games - when they added in a 3D mode running at 1080p it became one of the few games to make 3DTV's shine in the video game world. They followed that up with Dead Nation - essentially a top-down zombie shooter, and the well received 2D platformer Outland. Things have been a little quiet of late though, but that changed in August 2013 with the announcement of Resogun - a launch title, and exclusive, for PS4.

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The game takes place in a cylindrical battlefield.
Resogun is, as you may have picked up from the surround screenshots, a horizontal side-scrolling shooter which takes place in cylindrical shaped levels. By shifting to a side scrolling shooter rather then top-down, the game introduces the element of gravity in the world as well as ground based enemies. As the games announcement details, "On top of shooting down the enemy forces players get to rescue small dudes trapped by the invading alien swarm: freeing them will release power ups and shields". The game will not be a twin stick shooter like Super Stardust HD as the game wasn't really suited to it but uses a more traditional approach with the developers taking inspiration from "classic arcade titles such as Defender, Data Storm, or Japanese shmups like DoDonPachi and Death Smiles."

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Resogun is due at PS4 launch.
There is plenty to be unveiled about this game however Housemarque have confirmed the game will contain a co-op multiplayer mode however we are unsure if that is online or on a single console (either split-screen or within the one screen). The game also carries over elements from Super Stardust including Bombs, Boosts, Overdrive mode and the ability pickup powerups during the levels.

Visually, Resogun is quite polished and has been confirmed to run at FullHD (1080p) at 60fps. As with the companies previous games on PS3 we expect the title to push the hardware pretty hard, especially with lighting and particle effects, and that is certainly evident in the trailer below. Also, while the company was one of the first to release a 3D game on PS3 there is no confirmation of a 3D mode in this game yet.

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This game is going to be frantic, and fun.
While there wasn't a large output of game Housemarque were one of the most consistent companies with quality games on the PS3, and we have high expectations that Resogun will be one of the standout launch titles on Playstation 4. We'll find out in late 2013 when the game is released digitally on the Playstation Store.

Oh, one more thing, apparently this game will be free as a part of the Instant Game Collection for Playstation Plus subscribers. Now that's fantastic!

Below is the first trailer for Resogun which gives a good idea of what to expect.