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July 31 2015
MotoGP 15 - PS4 Review
Release Distributer Publisher Developer Offline Players Online Players
9/7/2015FiveStarMilestone S.r.l.Milestone S.r.l.1-22-12
Version HDD Install Resolution Touchpad PS4 Exclusive OFLC Rating

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Fast, close racing in MotoGP 15 on PS4.
Only a couple of months after Italian developers Milestone S.r.l. released their motorbike racing game Ride which covers a wide range of bike classes, the developer is back with another racing game, this time MotoGP 15 which is licensed to use actual riders, bikes and venues from the MotoGP season. It's fair to say that with so few motorbike games available fans of the sport will be hoping this is a decent game, and we're pleased to say it's a pretty solid release.

What is impressive is the number of game modes available in MotoGP 15. Under Single Player you will find "Instant Race" which allows you to jump right into a race, "Grand Prix", "Championship", "MotoGP Career" which is where we spent most of our time, "Time Attack" and "PlayStation League" which is strangely, and sadly, only available to gamers in Spain, Italy and Portugal so we don't even know what it's about.

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MotoGP provides some fun motorbike racing.
The Special Events Menu includes three different modes "Beat The Time", "Real Events 2014" and "2-Stroke Events". Beat The Time provides 18 different scenarios where you need to beat a recorded time using a specific bike on a track. Real Events 2014 offers up 18 different events and scenarios from the 2014 season to replicate. 2-Stroke Events allow you to experience racing on 2-stroke motorbikes across a series of 18 events.

Multiplayer comes in two flavours for this game. The first is an Online mode where up to 12- players can enter events and race each other in a series of events including Quick Match, Create Match, Custom Match, and Sprint Season.

Sadly, despite the fact much of this review is done weeks after the game was released, it was a real struggle to find other gamers online so much so that we would suggest this would only be useful online if you have a series of friends with the game so you can tee up some sessions. Fortunately the game includes a 2-player split-screen mode for some local multiplayer action.

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MotoGP 15 is officially licensed.
Naturally MotoGP 15 could have all the game modes in the world but it's not worth anything if the gameplay isn't up to scratch but, fortunately, the game generally nails it with bikes responsive to your inputs and the racing fast, frantic and close. On higher difficulty settings you'll definitely need to be careful not to put too much power down around corners or you'll end up crashing. Fortunately there's an option to rewind the race to replay that section and save yourself. Much of the games enjoyment comes from racing around some of the most famous circuits around the world including, of course, Phillip Island in Australia.

Assisting the enjoyment of this game is the massive number of options that can be toggled to match the gameplay to your skill level. Driving Aids that can be toggled include Physics, Auto Breaks, Joint Breaks, Steering Help, Tuck-In, Ideal Trajectory, Transmission Type, Number of Rewinds and TCS. When it comes to actual races the Options available include Race Length, Race Sessions, AI Difficulty, Weather Conditions, Bike Damage, Tyre Wear, Technical Problems, Penalty Timer and Disciplinary Flags.

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Shoulder to shoulder racing.
After that you get into other options for the game including Rider Customization, Multimedia which unlocks as you progress through the game, Statistics, Tutorials, Control Options, Video and HUD Options, and Audio Volume Levels for various aspects. For a game developed on a smaller budget compared to something like Gran Turismo or Need for Speed the range of options, and how these affect the gameplay is impressive indeed.

One of our biggest issues with Milestone's recently released Ride was the inexcusably long load times in that game which often took around 70 seconds from the menu to the start of the race - and that's on our PS4 which has a Hybrid Drive (part SSD, part HDD) installed. Fortunately this game is much improved so, for example, after selecting Championship, Offical Riders, Marc Marquez, and Start Championship and Starting the race took around 40 seconds. That's still a lengthy wait by many standards, but at least it's tolerable.

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Marc Marquez stars in MotoGP 15.
Visuals in the game are a little variable with some gorgeous menus and presentations including some rather pretty video highlighting the countries in which the tracks are located. It must also be said that the actual motorbike models are pretty gorgeous while the riders are also deatiled and move realistically on the bikes while racing. When racing it's possible to pause the game and enter a free camera mode which allows you to position a camera exactly as you want it in order to take some pretty impressive screenshots.

Sadly, having said that when it gets to the actual racing MotoGP 15 falters with some pretty average background visuals which lack detail and polish despite the PS4 power and 1080p resolution. Buildings often look dull and plain while objects such as trees would look average on last-gen systems. We would assume much of this comes down to the game needing to run on last-gen consoles such as the PS3 and XBox 360 so hopefully, in future, the developers can move on and concentrate on the more powerful new-gen systems.

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A gorgeous Ducati motorbike in MotoGP 15.
As one would expect audio in this game is dominated by motorbike engine noises during the races. They sound decent enough not only from your own bike, but also those in close proximity. Dialogue in the game is limited to some occasional comments while the music won't stick in your mind but never offends either.

Fans of the MotoGP series should be pretty happy with this release of MotoGP 15. While the in-game presentation isn't pushing the PS4 to its limits the presentation is slick, the game consists of plenty of game modes and options to toggle to suit your game style. We can't comment on how much this game varies from previous versions, but as a newcomer to the series we found enough here to be entertained.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSSome nice menus and presentation while in-game visuals are smooth if a little plain.
SOUNDIt's a motorbike racing game and sounds like it too with decent music.
GAMEPLAYIf you're a MotoGP fan then you'll enjoy this licensed game which is entertaining and fortunately better load times then Milestone's other recent release, Ride.
VALUEMore game modes then we expected, with licensed tracks, bikes and riders but limited to MotoGP as expected.
OVERALLWhile there are less bikes then Milestones recently released Ride this is a better presented, more enjoyable, game.

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