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July 17 2013
Mad Max - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
2014WB GamesWB GamesAvalanche Studios
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Visually, Mad Max looks superb on next-gen.
Released in 1979 Mad Max was a phenomenal film that not only launched the career of Mel Gibson and director George Miller, but also boosted the Australian Film Industry in the eyes of Hollywood. With two moderately successful sequels on the big screen it is somewhat amazing that there really hasn't been a video game based on the license of note. That's about to change however with this upcoming next-gen title.

In the game you play Mad Max, a lone warrior who must embark on a journey to reclaim his stolen interceptor from a deadly gang of marauders. A reluctant hero with an instinct for survival, Max wants nothing more than to leave the madness behind and find solace in the storied “Plains of Silence”.

With the upcoming release of the fourth feature film Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron it would have been easy for the game makers to have done a quick tie-in. But the fact of the matter is that this game has been in development for quite some time now (most likely since the release of Just Cause 2 in early 2010 or soon thereafter.

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Expect pleny of hand-to-hand combat.
Mad Max is an open-world third person action game which includes both vehicular and on-foot action sequences. In terms of the vehicles, and Max now has a new ride called Magnum Opus, each will be customisable and upgradable (including tyres, engines, ramming, armour) with these changes affecting the performance of the cars. Max is also joined in his car by his mechanic/friend named Chumbucket who will have a pivotal role in the film. Be it in the car or on-foot Max has a swag of weapons at his disposal. There is still plenty to be revealed about the game, pretty much everything in fact, however Swedish developers Avalanche Studios delivered the goods with their last retail release, so if they can capture the essence of Just Cause 2's gameplay in the Mad Max post-apocalyptic world where survivors are struggling to find commodities such as fuel, food, weapons and car parts, then we should be in for something special.

What has to be the most surprising news about this game so far is that Avalanche Studios have confirmed there will be no multiplayer modes, this is a single player experience first and foremost. We're sure this is being continually re-evaluated given the focus on online gaming however Just Cause 2 failed to include multiplayer, and that game did pretty well at retail.

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Vehicular combat looks action packed.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots, and indeed the gameplay trailer below this is a fine looking next- gen game. What we haven't really seen yet is the complexity of the world, simply some large desert spaces and small set pieces. It must be said though that the detail on Max (albeit without Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy's likeness) and the enemies, as well as vehicles is impressive.

We don't know too much about the game sonically either other than Mel Gibson is not providing the voice of Max. In fact at recent preview events Max had a rather American accent which upset fans of the series, and Avalanche Studios soon confirmed that Max would, in the final game, have an Australian accent. Phew...

Typically having seen so little of a video game we would be reluctant to jump up and get excited, but the license, the promise of an open-world game and the phenomenally talented Avalanche Studios behind the game gives us high hopes for a cracker release in 2014. Keep an eye out.

Avalanche Studios released the first gameplay trailer which you can admire below. Get to it....