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April 4 2013
Killzone: Shadow Fall - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
29/11/2013SonySonyGuerrilla Games
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Killzone: Shadow Fall - simply gorgeous.
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Flying over the city is simply amazing...

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Shadow Fall has some of the best looking forests - ever!
Whenever a new console is launched it needs big titles and for Sony there are few bigger from the current generation then Killzone. It's a fast paced FPS that has a loyal following - exactly what you need to shift a few million brand new consoles. But this isn't a rushed product at all. In fact developer Guerrilla Games have been working on this game for a couple of years, and with the single player campaign (apparently) already complete and playable from start to finish, there is plenty of time for the developers to tighten the game up, and perhaps more importantly develop a deep multiplayer component too.

Set in 2381, 20 years after the events of Killzone 3, Killzone: Shadow Fall has seen the Helghast home world of Helgan left in ruin by the war. The ISA has allowed refugees to resettle on a new planet, Vekta, however even with a city divided by a large security wall, the Vektans and Helghast struggle with their new living conditions.

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Leaping for the gunship.
Of course things go pear-shaped and the game soon becomes an action packed shooter - exactly what the series is known for and, from the checkpoint in the on-stage demo appears you play the role of Lucas Keller. As we saw in the unveiling gameplay at least some of the action takes place in Vekta City, around the VSA Headquarters. What is immediately apparent in the video is that while the game retains its FPS roots, everything has been amped up; the hero can now climb walls, the world is littered with NPC's, flame and smoke effects are stunning, while the gameplay remains as frantic as ever although there seems to be a little more in the way of variety when you jump onto a gunship, plant C4 explosives and then jump of before detonating.

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Yes, these are real-time PS4 visuals.
Visually this game, which uses Guerrilla's own in-house engine, is stunning and for fans of the franchise perhaps most striking is that the series' earlier darker, gray/brown palette has been given an overhaul with much more vibrancy to the areas shown so far. As you can see in the video below, which was uploaded directly from the on-stage demo at the PS4 unveiling in February using the console's new sharing functionality - the game really looks sensational with a phenomenal amount of detail as flying into the launch pad, and then walking around before the explosions. All this runs at 1080p too so we expect it to be pretty breathtaking in real life although as yet we are unsure if Sony will be pushing the 3D cause - in fact, there was no mention of 3D at the PS4 unveiling at all - although later reports have confirmed 3D is supported on the system.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode.
So far Killzone: Shadow Fall (and we're a bit surprised there is no "4" in the title given it's releasing on PS"4" - so perhaps a rebranding to KILLZONE: SH4DOW F4LL is in order) is shaping up very nicely indeed.

Sure some will see this game as "just another FPS" which does little to advance story telling or emotion in video games, or fails broaden appeal to casual gamers, but Sony are going after the hardcore market to launch their new console, and let's face it, "mums and dads" aren't going to shell out big money for a new SingStar. With the delays to titles such as Watch Dogs and Driveclub this looks set to offer one of the best launch experiences. We can't wait to spend some time with this shooter which already looks like setting a very high benchmark for next-generation titles.

The video below is a feed from the on-stage demo at the PS4 announcement in February 2013. Impressive stuff, especially as the game isn't due until late 2013, but make sure you set it to 720 or 1080p for the full, gorgeous, visual effect.