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October 6 2014
inFamous: First Light - PS4 Review
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27/8/2014SonySonySucker Punch1None
Media HDD Install Resolution Touchpad Sony Exclusive OFLC Rating

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inFamous: First Light is an expansion for PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son.
The number of triple-A titles on the PlayStation 4 has been somewhat scarce since the system launched almost a year ago, but one of the biggest and best games without doubt is Sucker Punch's inFamous: Second Son which released in March this year. While playing through that initial release as Delsin, you encounter a conduit (person with super powers) named Fetch. inFamous: First Light focuses on that character and tells her background.

Locked up in the Curdun Cay prison which is set up for super powered humans, Fetch is forced to relive tragedies from her past. Unravel her dark secret in Seattle while battling to escape snowy Curdun Cay and its overseer Augustine, and seek vengeance against those who wronged her.

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First Light is visually spectacular.
We actually enjoyed the way in which the story is told through flashbacks while Fetch is being interrogated in prison, and the final moments of this expansion tie in nicely to the main game. Playing inFamous: First Light is, as one would expect, very similar to the original game - that being a third person action game. Playing as Fetch is identical to Delsin when using his Neon powers - as well as firing bolts of Neon, and missiles, Fetch can move as fast as light around the level.

There are a couple of new additions to this game including the ability for Fetch to enter Neon Races to chase down balls of light called "lumens". There are also stationary Lumens placed around the map to be collected, Neon Grafitti to draw, Hostages to rescue, and Police Drones to hunt down and destroy. Completing tasks (or indeed accomplishing goals in the battle arena - more on that soon) will reward Fetch with Skill Points (SP) which can go towards upgrades in categories such as Drain Neon, Neon Bolt, Light Speed, Melee, Laser Focus, Stasis Blast, Homing Missiles and Neon Singularity.

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Yes, this story does leave Seattle.
As we just mentioned the game introduces Battle Arenas where you can test your skills for high scores on a global leaderboard. First Light includes three arenas - Alpha, Beta and Gamma - in which you can play either Survival or Rescue (the latter only available in Alpha or Beta arenas) in which you must battle waves of enemies in Survival or, in Rescue also save hostages. If you own Second Son it's also possible to play these levels as Delsin - having said that we did notice when playing as Delsin, Augustine still refers to you as "Miss Walker"!?

Probably our biggest issue about this release is that the main story is pretty short, only a couple of hours. While the arenas add some longevity we would have loved a little more background story to Fetch. Still with the release selling for $AU24.95 at retail, and a couple of dollars less on the PlayStation Store it's not a big expenditure. If you haven't splashed out on the original Second Son we would strongly suggest you start there given it's recent price reduction to around $AU59.95 and less if you shop around.

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Fetch's grafitti is neon lit.
Visually First Light is every bit as impressive as Second Son with an equally detailed and rich environment to explore (it is, after all set in the same city for the most part), and the cut-scenes are gorgeous to look at as expected with Sucker Punch lavishing them with as much attention to detail as the main game.

It's also interesting to note that the game has actually seen a boost in frame rate which is impressive given that Fetch leaves gorgeous neon coloured streaks when she runs around. According to this article on Digital Foundry, this expansion sees a boost, on average, of around 5fps to 40fps, or around 12%. This improvement has come from improved shaders, and also a scaling down of enemies in the game world. It's an impressive feat in only a couple of months. It is possible, however, to set a limit at 30fps, but we much preferred the unlocked Frame Rate for improved smoothness and no discernible screen tearing.

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Fetch will occasionally need to protect a truck.
Sound design is, as expected, on par with the main title - that is fantastic implementation of music, sound effects and dialogue. At no point does anything feel out of place, while the surround sound channels get a decent workout.

While the brief story in this expansion disappointed somewhat - it's over in a couple of hours - just like inFamous: Second Son there are plenty of side missions and tasks to complete which will extend the games life. Perhaps more time absorbing will be the Battle Arenas with high scores and online rankings. Overall, not an essential purchase, but a fun diversion.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSEvery bit as jaw droppingly gorgoues as the main game with a slight frame rate boost, but decrease in DUP activity around the city.
SOUNDSound too is superbly implemented from the music, to effects and dialogue.
GAMEPLAYFetch is a great character, with a fun superpower while the arena challenges are fun.
VALUEThe story is a lot shorter then expected, but the arenas add longevity.
OVERALLinFamous: First Light isn't an overly lengthy game, but it adds more background to Fetch, and includes some nice Arena battles. Could have been more, but fans will enjoy this.

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