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August 25 2014
Evolve - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
10/2/20152K Games2K GamesTurtle Rock
Offline Players Online players Launch Price Anticipation

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Evolve has been pushed back to Feb.2015.
It's fair to say that this game, Evolve, has had a bit of a turbulent development. Created by Californian based Turtle Rock Studios (the developers of Left 4 Dead) the game was signed for publishing to THQ in 2011 with a late 2013 release date being targeted. When THQ went broke in late 2012 the project was left in limbo however 2K Games' parent company Take Two purchased the rights for a substantial $US10.8 million dollars! Obviously the publisher saw something they liked.

So here we are in mid-2014 and Evolve still has six months before release, but is already shaping up as one of the best looking games due out on the PlayStation 4. Indeed, many journalists in the industry touted this as the best game at E3 2014 a couple of months ago.

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The squad takes on a monster in Evolve.
With a focus on the unique multiplayer modes very little has been seen or heard of the single player campaign, but at least it has been confirmed that there will be an option for solo gamers. What we do know is that in this single player campaign you can play as either a monster, or as one of the team of four with the CPU controlling the three other squad mates.

Speaking of squad mates Evolve includes four different classes to select from including Assault, Trapper, Medic or Support. Each of those is pretty self-explanatory, but gamers will be wise to learn the benefits of each to ensure a balanced squad.

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Characters in Evolve look fantastic.
Of course the real selling point of this game is the ability to play as the monster to take out the attacking humans or complete an objective such as destroying their base or a power plant. As you play through the mission the monster can power-up by killing other animals, but while powering up also becomes vulnerable to attack for a few moments. To date only two monsters have been revealed by the developers - one is "The Kraken" (as seen in the trailer below) while the second is "The Goliath".

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Evolve seems to have advanced weaponry.
Those who pre-order the award-winning Evolve from participating retailers will receive the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes the Savage Goliath skin at launch and a new playable monster available after Evolve is released.

Evolve is powered by the CryEngine (it uses the 4th Generation version as this is built for PS4 and XBox One), and as you can see it's a pretty fantastic looking title. In early 2014 the developers mentioned they were aiming for 1080p resolution with 60fps frame rate - time will tell if that target is met, but it's already looking pretty solid.

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Keep an eye out for Evolve - it looks fantastic.
Music is being composed by ex-Nine Inch Nails band member Charlie Clouser and who is most well known as scoring the Saw feature films.

Evolve is a game that has, well, evolved into something quite spectacular with plenty of positive press coming out of E3, and a premise that has plenty of potential to become a smash hit. With a release set down for February 10 2015 (after being delayed from an October 21 release in August) this is a game which action fans should be very keen to check out.

Below is the "Kraken Reveal Trailer" released in June 2014. Impressive stuff...