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September 30 2015
Disney Infinity 3.0 - PS4 Review
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Disney Infinity 3.0 focuses on Star Wars.
Despite their massive success, and mega marketing campaigns we've never actually reviewed, or even played, a Disney Infinity game here at Futuregamez. With the first game focusing on Disney characters and properties, and the second on the Marvel universe, this third game instead turns towards Disney's newest boheometh, Star Wars and it couldn't be timed any better with Star Wars: The Force Awakens only two months away from a theatrical release. With competition from similarly themed games such as Skylanders from Activision and Lego Dimensions from WB Games, Disney will certainly be hoping that this years Star Wars theme pulls in the fans.

Disney Infinity 3.0 has been released in two main versions. First up is a rather expensive Special Edition which, on Playstation, includes the exclusive Bobba Fett character, as well as the Rise Against The Empire Play Set which includes more story missions, as well as Luke and Leia - but which will become available for purchase seperately in early October. For this review we have the the smaller Starter Pack which is what the majority of people will likely purchase.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 is great for all ages.
When we started this game we had to tie it into our Disney account, which was a little more problematic then it should be with continual errors, but no details about what I was doing wrong. When you get through that process you'll see a main menu which has plenty of options but most people will head for the "Twilight of the Republic" which is the main story mode and the quickest way to just pick up a character, and play. During this mode you will encounter familiar Star Wars characters, as well as locations including Tatooine, Coruscant, Naboo, and Geonosis, each of which looks like the locations we have come to love in the feature films. Each of these locations involves a series of main story missions, but also offers dozens of side quests and tasks which will add to the longevity.

It must be said that the combat in this game is super slick and Avalanche Software enlisted the help of Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword and Dmc) to work on the combat. It slick, fluid and intuitive as you use light sabers, force powers and hand-to-hand combat throughout the levels or, with the correct characters, a third or first person shooter mechanic as well. They aren't the only company that assisted Avalanche Software with Sumo Digital assisting with the vehicle and Pod Racing sections of the game which are also pretty impreesive albeit underutilised overall. That's still not all though with other studios contributing including Studio Gobo, United Front Games, Heavy Iron Studios, Blind Squirrel and Panic Button also contributing.

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Create your own levels in the Toy Box mode.
While tremendous fun for gamers of all ages, our biggest issue is the relatively short campaign which took us about 5-6 hours to complete. While you can probably double that time if you complete many of the side-quests these are often just collect an object and deliver it to someone, or defeat a few enemies. This game could have done with some puzzle solving missions, some more Pod racing, or even some more space combat from your fighter jets.

The game also feels a little lightweight in part due to the two characters included in the Starter Pack - Anakin and Ahsoka. Both of these characters use light sabers and force powers. A lot of our enjoyment came with using a character with a blaster - so you'll likley want to fork out for a character like Sabine Wren. Of course over the coming months more Play Sets will be released including one on October 5 called Rise Against the Empire which focuses on the Original Trilogy, and comes with Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa characters. In the coming months you can also expect playsets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and feature Finn and Rey), Inside Out (and will feature Joy and Anger) and Marvel Battlegrounds.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 can be expanded with the Inside Out PlaySet.
While the featured story is pretty short this game's lifespan is increased dramatically by the community created content and levels which you can download and play through. Of course you can also create your own levels in the Toy Box 3.0 and share them with friends or even send them to Disney to get official approval. In this Toy Box you can create your own levels using objects and characters from within the game, and even include characters and artwork from previous games. Impressively you can make levels in many genres - platform levels, racing levels, 3D worlds to explore.

If we have one disappointment with the Toy Box it's that it's not overly simple to get to grips with - even as an adult I struggled to make anything too useful, but I can really see youngsters struggling to create anything too complex - then again what they create in Minecraft or LittleBigPlanet often blows me away so time will tell. Certainly many of the downloadable levels are very polished and worth playing.

Also impressive is what is dubbed as the Toy Box TV which is a series of videos highlighting some of the features of the game, some of the best content created by users, and general Star Wars trivia, interviews and more. It's a great way to engage gamers and keep you informed for events such as Character Challenges.

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Disney Infinity 3.0's visuals are pretty nice.
As you can see from the visuals in the surrounding screenshots Disney Infinity 3.0 doesn't push the highest number of polygons, nor have the most detailed texturing or lighting, however this is a very clean, functional game that still manages to charm with a visual style that fits in with the Star Wars animated TV series'. The frame rate is pretty solid and most importantly the levels created in the Toy Box mode use the same objects as Play Sets, so there is a visual consistancy, and level of polish to both. It's a credit to the developers how polished this is across the board.

If we are to nitpick then we would say that some of the areas are a little smaller then we hoped. While Coruscant and Tatooine are quite large with different areas to explore, Naboo and Geonosis are actually quite small and won't take too long to see what is on offer. It would have been nice for the developers to expand these areas a bit. Finally we would have loved to see some more cut-scenes during the Play Set and also a little more humour injected into these scenes in much the same way that Traveller's Tales do with their Lego games.

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Battling General Grievous from Episode III.
One can not think about Star Wars without considering that classic John Williams musical score and the developers have crammed as much of that classic music in the game as possible. Sound effects too are stright from the Star Wars universe and will be instantly recognisable. Of course it's not just Star Wars with other franchises also getting a look in and suitably catered for. We did notice the odd occasion when sound effects didn't play correctly, but they were few and far between and never affected the gameplay.

With regular releases of new characters, and play sets, as well as the endless supply of levels through the Toy Box, Disney Infinity 3.0 really is a great, expandable game that will entertain for quite some time. While the included story mode is pretty short the clean visuals and familiar audio will keep Star Wars fans of all ages entertained. Recommended for gamers both young and old.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSNice, clean visuals which allows you to build levels. More cut-scenes and bigger levels would have been nice too.
SOUNDInstantly familiar to Star Wars fans this sounds great overall.
GAMEPLAYFun, slick, polished gameplay which will entertain gamers of all ages with varying game modes.
VALUEThe included Play Set is fairly short, but the Toy Box could add limitless game time. More Play Sets will add longevity over time (for a fee of course).
OVERALLDisney Infinity 3.0 is a fantastic release that will entertain Star Wars fans of all ages. It looks and sounds great, the Toy Box to create (or download) levels is fantastic and this is definately worth checking out.

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