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July 10 2014
Dead Island 2 - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
Q'2 2015TBCDeep SilverYager Development
Offline Players Online players Launch Price Anticipation

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These screens are from the trailer.
Before we get into this preview there is one thing I will plead with you to do - check out the E3 2014 trailer below. It is, without a doubt, one of the best trailers you will ever see. While it doesn't show gameplay it certainly sets the tone of the game perfectly. Now that that is out of the way let's have a look at Dead Island 2.

With a title like Dead Island 2 some may be disappointed to hear that the game doesn't actually take place on an island, but in California. The developers have justified this by saying that California has essentially been turned into an island when the virus strikes, and is closed off from the rest of America. While this is a sequel too the game has new characters, and a new storyline, from the previous titles so newcomers won't be alienated.

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Ohhh Yarrr... he's all class.
In terms of gameplay the developers have said that game will have a slightly more humorous tone then the original game - and is more in line with that seen in the E3 2014 trailer (as seen below). The game retains the RPG elements with improvised weapons - which now includes a lot more power tools such as lawn mowers or weed whackers thanks to the prevalence of retail stores and houses. Vehicles too will make a return in this sequel so expect plenty of opportunities to mow down zombies! It has even been hinted that vehicles will be modifiable, although the developers have suggested more information will be released closer to launch.

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Zombies swarming Venice Beach.
With the developers of the previous games, Techland, running off to make a similarly themed zombie game called Dying Light for release in 2015 development of this sequel has found a new home in Yager Development. While they aren't a household name, their previous game Spec Ops: The Line was a pretty impressive shooter on PS3.

As with the original games one of the key elements to the game is the online multiplayer and this latest title ramps it up to 8-player online co-op and it's an integral part of the game. Indeed it's possible to play through the entire story in multiplayer with friends, or, if you so choose, alone.

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Dead Island 2 is set in California.
Dead Island 2 runs on Epic's new Unreal Engine 4 which allows developers to implement new visuals and make full use of the power in next-generation consoles such as the PS4 and XBox One. As such we expect the game to be visually impressive. In fact, even the previous games with the tropical island settings were gorgeous to look at and with the Californian setting this should also impress. The developers have also motion captured characters including - for the first time ever in a game apparently - a cat!

Despite the issues with gameplay and glitches in the previous Dead Island games they were tremendous fun, and that was no doubt a contributing factor in the surprisingly impressive sales. Dead Island 2 is still almost a year away from release, but until then, we're just going to keep replaying the very entertaining trailer embedded below.

While there's no gameplay the trailer below is one of the most entertaining trailers we've ever seen for a game. Check it out...