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November 22 2015
Alone With You - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
Q'2 2016TBCBenjamin RiversBenjamin Rivers
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Alone With You is coming to PS4 and PSVita.
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Exploring the shuttle wreckage.

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The art style is quite unique.
One of the most impressive aspects of this generation of consoles, and indeed many would say the saviour given the lack of content from big publishers, has been the indie game scene. From Benjamin Rivers, the makers of hit game Home, comes this new adventure game, Alone With You.

You play the sole remaining member of a doomed terraforming colony. Your planet will crumble and implode in less than a month, and you must use your remaining time to try to escape. The catch? There is only one escape pod left, and it isnít functioning. Even worse, the only people who specialized in its systems are all dead from the colony's mysterious failure. But the colonyís AI is still with you, and together you plan to get yourselves off the planetóby recreating those key colony members and learning how to fix the ship, so you can both flee to safety.

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Alone With You looks to be quite unique.
So this game looks like the very earliers point and click adventure games with a choice of answers to posed questions which will likley alter the storyline as you progress. Set across 21 days each day begins with a mission to collect a part of the space ship to escape the colony. While the game starts with you alone exploring the world along the way you will discover other human companions which then opens up the game to your character falling in love with another - don't worry this isn't a love simulator - but it's crucial to the game experience.

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Questions posed offer a choice of responses.
As you would have seen from the surrounding screenshots, much like the gameplay, this game has an old-school look to it, and it works quite well. Indeed it offers something quite unique, and we would expect the music and sound effects to match this design philosophy.

Alone With You isn't a game for everyone, that is certain, but for old-school gamers this looks like being tremendous fun that should bring back memories of the earliest adventure games. While the game was initially announced for a lte 2015 release in early November a post on the Playstation Blog confirmed the title would be released in Spring 2016 in America (so Q'2 2016). The game will be released on both PS4 and PSVita (cross-buy is still to be confirmed though). One thing is certain, we'll be keen to check out Alone With You when it is released.

Below is a new Gameplay Trailer released in early November 2015 which gives a good indication of what to expect from the title.