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June 15 2014
Alien: Isolation - PS4 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
7/10/2014FiveStarSegaCreative Assembly
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H.R. Geiger's alien design is gorgeous.
The Alien franchise is one which is loved by millions the world over, but is also a franchise perfectly suited to video game adaptations with plenty of action and frights to be had. Indeed one could say that the first Alien film in particular is the perfect template for a "survival horror" styled game. Over the years there have been dozens of games based on the franchise, but Alien: Isolation promises something a little different to most. Rather then a fast paced FPS, the development team at The Creative Assembly have built a game focused on suspense and tension, much like Ridley Scott's original Alien film, rather then all-out action.

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Using an improvised explosive.
Alien: Isolation is set in 2137, fifteen years after the events that take place with Ellen Ripley on the Nostromo in Alien... Now, Ripley's daughter Amanda, who works for Weyland-Yutani like her mother before her, continues to search for the truth behind her mother's disappearance. Amanda is soon on the space station Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of Nostromo however the station has been infiltrated by an alien and Amanda is soon confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and the unpredictable, ruthless Alien.

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The flame thrower looks pretty gorgeous.
So Alien: Isolation is a first person survival horror game in the best sense of the word. This isn't a game about mowing down hundreds of aliens, but focuses on the need for Amanda to scavenge resoures, improvise solutions and items, and stay hidden from enemies. In fact weapons will be quite limited with a revolver, flame thrower, EMP grenade and Molotov all we're aware of at this stage.

While the game has a single alien to try an avoid in order to survive, the game has many other enemies including both human and androids which Amanda will need to fight off. In order to keep the games suspense high the developers have randomised the aliens behaviour so it won't appear at the same point in the map or mission. Of course, with the focus being on survival rather then shooter action the game focuses on being able to hide behind objects or in lockers, but also create items to use against the alien or distract them.

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Androids often try to stop Amanda.
Fans of the franchise will be happy to hear that the developers haven't been working alone on this project with 20th Century Fox providing as much information as possible on the original films including set design photos and notes, as well as original sound recordings. The developers also have the rights to the original soundtrack and have used the cues to re-record much of the music with a full orchestra. There's no denying this game will remain authentic to the franchises' roots.

Soon after this games announcement the developers confirmed that the title will not feature any multiplayer modes - either competitive or co-op. Also unconfirmed is any form of DLC, it's possible (as with almost every game these days), but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

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Note the depth of field, focus on the motion tracker or action.
Running on a custom game engine this is a pretty nice looking game that will run at a native 1080p on both the PS4 and XBox One. Characters have been motioned captured for the cut-scenes and they resulting models and animation do look pretty special while the space station will have a familiar style to that of the ships in the feature film.

Initially we were skeptical about the ability for a developer to build a game with a single primary enemy however the more we see, the more excited we get about Alien: Isolation which may provide an experience closer to the original Alien film then any game we have seen before. We certainly hope the game also pays a fitting tribute to the alien designer H.R. Giger who passed away recently. Expect a worldwide release in October.

Below is the "Survive" Trailer which was released at the 2014 E3 Show. There's a small snippet of gameplay footage, but sets the mood nicely.