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July 6 2014
Aaru's Awakening - PS4 Preview
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Aaru's Awakening is coming to PS4 and PS3.
With big budget triple-A releases few and far between with this new-generation of consoles, console manufacturers have had to look towards indie developers to keep their game library fresh and gamers interested. It's a job that Sony have done extremely well, while Microsoft dropping the ball with indie support. Yet another indie game about to be unleashed on the PS4 (and PS3 we must add) and it looks like something quite unique. That game is Aaru's Awakening.

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Due out soon, Aaru's Awakening looks impressive.
Aaru's Awakening started life as a school project at the University of Reykjavík before the developers won the Icelandinc Gaming Industry Game Creator competition in 2011, and with it, the funding to form a company and continue development of the game. Now, three years later and with the development team now called Lumenox, the game about to be released and it's one which not only looks quite gorgeous with hand-drawn visuals, but promises some unique gameplay too.

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The games visuals are quite unique.
This game is a little hard to describe, it's certainly different to that of a traditional platformer, but that's what makes this release one worth keeping an eye on. With the developers inspired by the teleportation gun in Unreal Tournament this game sees you controlling a character who teleports between locations in the world. A charging mechanic acts like a double jump and allows you to break through walls and keeps the game moving at a francic pace as you stay ahead of enemies and obstacles.

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It's a platformer, but the gameplay is rather unique.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots Aaru's Awakening is a gorgeous looking game with a hand-drawn art style that makes the game stand out from the crowd. Not all the artwork is hand drawn, as you can imagine that would take a small team such as Lumenox a tremendous amount of time to complete the game, however the artist is doing the black outlines by hand, and then using computers to colour the worlds.

Scheduled for release on PS4 and PS3 in the coming weeks we do hope that there is a PSVita version released somewhere down the line as it seems like a game perfectly suited to touchscreen controls and the artwork looks pretty astounding. We expect this game to be released soon and hope to bring you a review when it hits the Playstation Store.

Below is the PS3 trailer for Aaru's Awakening - we expect the PS4 version will look similar, albeit with higher resolution visuals. At least this gives an idea about the gameplay.