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March 18 2007
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - PS3 Preview
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23/3/2007SonySony659 MB
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At 1080p this is spectacular.
If you're a gamer then Tekken should need no introduction. Namco's brawler first appeared in the arcades over a decade ago and since then has been a regular on each of Sony's platforms. Indeed only Sega's Virtua Fighter series earns as much fanaticism with beat 'em up fans around the globe. Namco's home ports have, as with many of Namco's titles, often exceeded the arcade versions with enhanced visuals, new game modes, and unlockable content. Having been released on the PSP last year the announcement that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was coming to the Playstation Network as a downloadable title was the biggest shot in the arm to the service besides Gran Turismo HD Demo.

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What you can't see is the great animation.
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is based on the latest arcade game and is pretty much a straight port. The character roster is impressive with over 30 playable characters available. One very exciting piece of news for fans of the series is that for the first time ever this PS3 title allows you to fight as Jinpachi Mishima. Other characters appearing in the game include Armor King, Heihachi, Asuka, Feng, Raven, Mardux, Jack-5, Julia, Kazuya, King, Bryan, Yoshimitsu, Xiaoyu, Jin, Christie, Hwoarang, Law, Paul, Lei, Lee, Steve, Nina, Anna, Baek, Roger Jr, Kuma, Panda, Bruce, Wang, Mokujin, Eddy, Ganryu and Devil Jin.

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Two Kings battle it out...
Also exciting is the news that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection includes (from the PSP version) two new fighters who didn't appear in the arcade game. They are Dragonuv and Lili. Lili is a 16 year old daughter of an oil tycoon who lives in Monaco. She uses a street fighting style while in fights. The second newcomer is the Russian Dragonuv who is a soldier and uses Russian styled command fighting moves (Namco's words, not ours!). Having used both these characters in the PSP title extensively we can tell you with much certainty that they both fit into the Tekken universe quite well - and we especially enjoyed using Lili as a character.

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Many stages really are spectacular.
This version of the game features the same modes as the arcade version, including Arcade modes (obviously), Ghost Battles and a Gallery mode. Unfortunately we believe that some of the new modes that appeared in the PSP title such as the Theater Mode and Story Battle aren't included in the PS3 title which is a shame.

The PSP title was an extremely impressive game graphically. Indeed in our review (which you can read here) we gave the game 92% for graphics. This Playstation 3 version is identical in terms of locations and characters however the game has been bumped up to 1080p graphics making it look ultra sharp and will run at a solid 60fps.

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That's finished him off!
While there are a couple of modes missing from this PS3 version compared to the PSP game Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is still a sure bet when it's released on March 23rd. In America this game is selling for $US19.99, but in Europe Sony have launched the game with a introductory price of only £6.99. While we don't have an exact price from Sony Australia I suspect this will sell here for $AU19.99 - making it an essential purchase for any fighting fan.