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March 15 2007
Super Rub A Dub - PS3 Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Download Size
6/4/2007SonySonyTBA MB
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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LoD technology - Lots of Ducks.
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Super Rub a Dub is rather colourful.

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One of the later, harder, levels.
Sony loves ducks. They appeared many times in tech demos for their consoles, but now they're going to the next level. The yellow rubber ducks are set to appear in their own game, Super Rub A Dub. It's an interesting title too. Not only will it be a downloadable game through the Playstation Network at a much cheaper price then retail games (although the final price is still to be set), but it also uses the Sixaxis controller's tilt mechanism as the control input.

These toy sharks can’t believe their luck: a mouth-watering rubber duck and some even tastier ducklings, trapped in a series of water-filled mazes with only one way out. For a hungry shark, the conclusion’s as clear as H2O – duck is on the menu tonight. All is not lost for the fowl, however, because they’re hoping that you can save them.

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Make it to the exit!
Using the Sixaxis motion control, you manipulate a square wading pool, tilting up, down, left and right to manoeuvre your mother duck around the stage. She needs to collect the numerous ducklings around the pool, avoiding obstacles and deadly traps. When the mother duck passes a duckling, it follows behind, soon creating a trail of tiny quackers. All of these little ones need to be dropped off at the exit point. While it sounds simple, the trail of ducklings is susceptible to the environment, so the bigger the duck train, the more difficult it becomes to avoid pitfalls and obstructions.

Sony Europe are also promising some multi-player modes in the game. We don't know the exact number of players but we could envisige 4-players racing around the level trying to save the ducks. It could be frantic and and tremendous fun. With connectivity to the internet to download the game the developers have also taken the opportunity to watch online replays of performances by players around the world.

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Can you see the exit sign?
Graphically the game is pretty plain but very colourful and lively. The ducks bob and move around the water realisticlly with each ripple having an effect on their motion. The levels are rather plain but tilting the game world looks pretty neat and with 720p graphics (and possibly 1080p - but that isn't confirmed yet) this game would look super slick on a nice TV. As for the audio - no idea yet as we haven't heard the game in action - only seen it.

There is still a lot unknown about Super Run A Dub - even with the release only weeks away. If the PS3's Sixaxis tilt mechanism isn't accurate then the entire game could be a waste of time. We have faith though, in both Sony's development skills and the PS3 system and controller, and the prospect of a Super Monkey Ball styled (read: cloned) game with motion sensing controls is quite enticing. With a release target for the PS3 launch, or just after, this is a game which for a low price, could be well worth downloading through the Playstation Network.

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Ducks for lunch anyone?.
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OK, another screenshot.