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January 13, 2009
Savage Moon - PS3 Review
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Note the Green Laser Towers.
Over the last year the Playstation Store has gone from strength to strength with some fantastic titles on offer for a few dollars. Savage Moon was a surprise Christmas Eve release for only $AU12.95, with the biggest surprise being that European and Australian gamers get to play the game before America or Japan. This tower based strategy title hasn't had a tremendous amount of buzz or hype prior to release, but with a strong love of Pixeljunk Monsters we wanted more so took the plunge on this downloadable title.

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Swarms of enemies in Savage Moon!
There's not really a story as such in this game, but the game is set around mining facilities built on several alien worlds. Your task is to defend these mining facilities from swarms of alien insects.

The object of this game is simple, build the towers to defend your mining operation from the swarms of enemies. Of course there's a little more to it then that with plenty of management required in this game too - more so then Pixeljunk Monsters. When starting a level you start with on a couple of fairly weak towers. Initially you are limited in the number of towers you can build, their placement, and how much money you have to spend. As you defeat enemies you earn more credits, which can then be spent on new towers, or research.

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Not the most hospitable world.
This research allows you to unlock new, and more powerful towers such as anti-air guns, mortar towers, and even towers that will heal towers as they are being blocked. You can also research upgrade levels to make your weapons more powerful - a must if you want to defeat more powerful enemies. At any point in the game you can also strengthen one or two of three areas - the income you earn, the defensive strength of your towers or the attacking power of your weapons. These can be changed in real-time and can dramatically affect the outcome.

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Explosions look pretty nice.
Savage Moon also includes support for Trophies - many of which will take a bit to achieve - as well as an online ranking system so you can compare yourself to other gamers around the world.

Graphically Savage Moon is fairly impressive with a good frame rate, nice explosions and weapons effects, and a clean interface. It does fall down in two areas though. Firstly the levels are quite brown/reddish in colour, and so are the enemies for the most part which means it all looks, well, a bit brown/reddish. Still as in real life many creatures blend into their environments.

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Hitting more enemies with the laser towers.
The bigger issue though is the camera which, while free to rotate, occasionally starts to rotate slowly by itself - though it was our controller, but it happened on a second one too. Also when the levels start it pans around then plonks you looking in a different direction or location on the map which can be disorientating for a few moments, and often puts you behind the 8-ball when the first swarm hits a few seconds later.

Savage Moon isn't the best RTS game ever released, but it is fairly decent and with a price tag (in Australia) of only $AU12.95 it's a great way to kill a few hours. Savage Moon is worth picking up if you like the genre.

Review By: Dave Warner

Order your copy through the PS3's Playstation Store.
GRAPHICSPretty basic, but effective enough. Camera could be slightly better.
SOUNDPerhaps a little to 'screechy'. Custom music would have helped.
GAMEPLAYIt's a game, sort of. Actually it's really more of a realaxation device.
VALUEIt cost me $AU12.95 and I've probably spent 10+ hours playing to date. That's great value in my book.
OVERALLSavage Moon is an entertaining game which has a good difficulty curve, adequate visuals and entertaining gameplay. Worth a look.

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