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October 13, 2011
Renegade Ops - PS3 Review
Release Launch Price Publisher Developer Offline Players Online Players
13/9/2011$AU19.95SegaAvalanche Studios1-22-4
Media HDD Space Resolution Move Controls Tilt Controls OFLC Rating

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Visually Renegade Ops is impressive.
Admittedly I hadn't heard a great deal about Renegade Ops prior to it being released and the PSN code hitting our inbox for review. What I did know, however, was that the game was developed by Avalanche Studios who developed the very entertaining Just Cause 2 which released last year. Renegade Ops is a very different, but just as entertaining game. Indeed this game is best described as a top-down shooter in a similar vein to EA's classic Megadrive titles Desert Strike and Jungle Strike - two of my favourites from the 16-bit era.

Madman Inferno, the commander of a sinister terrorist organisation, has detonated a devastating bomb to demonstrate the power of his new deadly weapon. Furious at the world’s leaders decision not to fight against Inferno, General Bryant has recruited a crack team of military specialists, known as the RENEGADE OPS, from around the globe to wage war against Inferno’s promise of world domination.

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Green boxes are health pickups.
Essentially Renegade Ops is a top-down twin stick shooter taking place over 9 levels, or missions. These missions are fairly similar in style with objectives that include destroying a variety of enemies (which includes foot soldiers, to helicopters, to jeeps, and tanks among others), to breaking into enemy buildings and setting charges to blow it up, or rescuing hostages. Your vehicle, be it the armored vehicle or helicopter, has a machine gun with three levels of power which is activated and aimed by pressing the right analogue stick. As well as the standard machine gun your vehicle, which can be driven by one of four selectable characters, has a secondary fire which includes missiles, flame throwers or rail guns and also a special weapon, which for the character we selected, the female Roxy, was an airstrike.

As you progress through the game you'll also earn experience points which can go towards giving your character or vehicles improved abilities or stats. Needless to say the gameplay here is very slick with plenty of locations to explore, although some of the primary missions are timed which is a little annoying.

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Explosions are very impressive.
Multiplayer is also supported in this game for up to 4-players online and it's a very entertaining way to play the game, especially if you have several players working together. We didn't honestly play the game online enough to form an absolute opinion (blame internet issues for that) but what we did play was very enjoyable with minimal lag and we could see this being a great title with a few friends.

In terms of negatives there isn't much in terms of the gameplay as this is a tight, entertaining shooter. We did notice a few little bugs on occasion including a lack of high score reporting on the Mission Selection screen, a game lockup (only once) and the occasional glitch in-game with the weapon pickup names. Minor niggles that will likely be addressed by a patch soon. It would have also been nice to see an open free play being made available so you could explore levels without timed missions, while the nine missions in the game are lengthy enough, especially for a game of this price, but a few more missions, or extra DLC would be welcome. Finally we have to say that the storyline with the terrorist known as Inferno, is pretty bland. This dude just won't die and towards the end you just wish they could mix it up with some new bosses.

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Renegade Ops is available now through the PlayStation Store.
Visually Renegade Ops is pretty impressive, very impressive in fact. Despite some levels taking place at night and being quite dark detail remains with the world lighting up with your vehicles lights, or the many explosions that will take place! Levels that take place during daylight hours, be they in the jungles or desert also look quite spectacular and even when the screen is full of explosions and enemies the frame rate holds up well and we didn't notice any screen tearing.

Cut-scenes are fairly static 2D drawings with voiceovers. They're nice enough, visually, but in this day and age we could expect a little more from such a high profile developer and publisher.

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Taking on one of the massive tanks.
Sonically this game is a bit of a mixed bag. Certainly the most annoying aspect is the speech which is corny to say the least. It just sounds forced, unnatural and irritating especially during the cut-scenes. Fortunately the other audio aspects including music and effects are solid with explosions in particular having a nice meaty bass to them.

We have to say we had a blast with Sega's Renegade Ops. It's a well-developed, highly polished top down shooter that we recommend to any fans of the genre.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSDespite "only" being a top-down shooter this really is a gorgeous game with lovely effects and clear level design.
SOUNDMusic and effects are pretty good but speech is poor...
GAMEPLAYA fun shooter with plenty of weapons and great pick-up-and-play design.
VALUEThere are nine missions which last about 30 minutes each.
OVERALLRenegade Opsis an entertaining game well worth the price if you like shooters.

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