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November 2, 2009
Mushroom Wars - PS3 Review
Release Launch Price Publisher Developer Offline Players Online Players
16/10/2009$AU15.95Creat StudiosCreat Studios1-4None
Media HDD Space Resolution Sound Format Tilt Controls OFLC Rating

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Sending soldiers across the map.
Real-Time strategy games are typically the bastion of PC gaming. Games like Red Alert, Starcraft and Warcraft 3 have sold by the millions and received critical praise from across the planet. Consoles have generally been left out in the cold, primarily due to the lack of a mouse as an imput device. In recent times however there have been a few exceptions, and Creat Studios' Mushroom Wars is one such case.

Storyline? Forget about it, you're the Orange team, and then there's the others. The gameplay is pretty simple, you start out with one or more strongholds, and can send you armies to take control of other points. Some act as defense towers, other where you soldiers will multiply, others will give you soldiers additional strength. By pressing R1 on one of you locations you can select to move your army to another target, and each of the face buttons designates the percentage of soldiers to move (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%).

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Yep, the Mushroom Wars campaign map.
There are two main game modes in Mushroom Wars; Campaign and Skirmish, each level in which has three difficulty levels. Campaign mode gives you 25 levels to battle through against one opponent, with slightly different objectives including holding one or more capture points for a set amount of time, obliterating the enemy, or capturing select positions on the map. SOme of these are also timed, so you'll need to move swiftly.

The second game mode is Skirmish which offers the same gameplay (you must take over all locations on the map, but will battle against between one and three enemies, each of which may also battle each other to dominate the maps.

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Teams battle for the central tower.
Other little tidbits of note include an ability to upload videos of your performances to Youtube, online leaderboards, and the ability to play any of your own music stored on your PS3 while playing the game.

In terms of disappointments the biggest is the lack of online gameplay. Despite the fact that the game pops up the message that online gameplay may alter the experience, there is no online gameplay included. That is quite disappointing as this game is perfectly suited to online battles for up to four players. Still, hopefully Creat Studios will offer a patch for this somewhere down the track. I would have also like to see different soldier classes, perhaps attackers and defenders, but then again that may have complicated this ultimately simplistic game.

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Another PS3 Mushroom Wars screenshot.
On an audio visual level Mushroom Wars gets the job done quite admirably. Running at 1080p the visuals are quite sharp, and the frame rate holds up as one would expect on the PS3. The menus are clean, and there are no frills, but for what the game is this looks solid enough. As for the audio, there are some catchy tunes but it's the battlefield sound that, while basic, impress the most.

I'm really loving the many small, cheap games becoming available through the Playstation Store. Developers can take risks and try new things which, more often then not, provide something worth the purchase. Mushroom Wars is one such title - a game which delivers gameplay in spades, has decent audio visual presentation and will keep you playing for some time. Well worth the purchase in our books.

Review By: Dave Warner

Order your copy through the PS3's Playstation Store.
GRAPHICSGraphics are cute and battlefields loaded with characters.
SOUNDMusic is atmospheric but the battles sound quite chaotic. Quite good.
GAMEPLAYA very basic war game, which is very addictive.
VALUEVery cheap, and worth a purchase, but it really needed online gameplay.
OVERALLFor a budget game Mushroom Wars is highly addictive, and quite lengthy with plenty of replayability. No online gameplay sucks, but offline play still rocks. For $15.95 this is worth adding to your Playstation 3 Hard Drive today!

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