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June 15, 2011
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes - PS3 Review
Release Launch Price Publisher Developer Offline Players Online Players
13/4/2011$AU23.95UbisoftCapybara Games1-42-4
Media HDD Space Resolution Move Controls Tilt Controls OFLC Rating

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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is out now on PSN.
Admittedly I had never heard of Might & Magic Clash of Heroes before getting the download code from the lovely chaps at Ubisoft to do up this review. After doing some research found out it was actually a well-received Nintendo DS title. That still raised the question; could a great Nintendo DS title be ported to the PlayStation 3 and still manage to impress? We must point out too that we've taken our time reviewing this game as there was little point putting a review up while the Store was down - you wouldn’t be able to rush out and buy it!

Ashan is a world of legendary peoples. Proud Elves guard the emerald forests of Irollan... Mighty Knights rule the fiefs of the Griffin Empire... Studious Wizards survey the oasis-strewn deserts of the Silver Cities... The grim Necromancers worship in the wastelands of Heresh, and the ravenous demons immured in Sheogh, their prison world.

During certain lunar eclipses the walls of Sheogh weaken and demons burst forth, plunging Ashan into war. And since the dawn of times, the demons legions have been repelled by the allies thanks to a powerful artifact known as the Blade of Binding. Once again the armies of Sheogh are coming and the Blade will be wielded...

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Walking around the village.
M&M: Clash of Heroes is played with two sides battling on opposite sides of the screen. Upon starting a battle your side fills up with numerous characters and your ultimate goal is to line up three to five in a row which can form defensive lines (when the characters are lined up horizontally) or offensive formations (when the characters are lined up vertically). As well as standard units each team has special units which can be built, and despite taking extra turns to charge up when formed, often deal substantially more damage to the enemy. Each Character also has a "Hero Spell" which takes a while to charge but can certainly provide a major advantage.

A majority of these battles require you to simply deplete all the HP from the enemy line, however some will require you to hit switches within the same turn, or hit a moving target. It adds a little variety. Also worth mentioning is that between the battles, in the campaign mode, you will be able to walk around a map, talk to villagers, pick up treasures, purchase characters and more.

One thing that can't be underestimated is the addictive nature of this game. The first hour or two of this game I was a bit "meh" but hour upon hour it grows, becomes more intense, and soon enough it's been three weeks and still no review done. Then, of course, the Network went down... so there was another month of playing without a review going online.

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Visually this game is fairly impressive.
If you're not keen to play on your own, hate computer AI, or need company the game does also support 1 Vs 1 and 2 Vs 2 online play. 1v1 is essentially the same as the offline game, but 2v2 adds in a further twist with each player only able to move the characters of their colour on that side of the battlefield.

We do have some negatives about Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. First of all it's annoying that the battles are often over before they start when the opposition gets a great "random" set of soldiers to start the level whereas you're left with pretty much crap. Of course the reverse happens at times too however it means the battles are more often than not decided with chance rather than skill. This is quite off putting - especially as a newcomer to the title - but the further you get into the game, and the more HP you have, the less of an issue this becomes.

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Using a special character in Clash of Heroes.
Another major issue I have with the game is that while you start off weak, and build up powers, and special items/characters, when you finish a section of the game and move onto the next you lose everything and to start over from scratch with little HP, no special characters and the very basics. This happens for each of the five areas in the main campaign.

Visually this game isn't going to win any awards as it's pretty plain and lacks any visual flare - although we have to say the animated cut scenes have some gorgeous artwork. I was fairly surprised in the games 1.6GB download - I'm not sure where they used all that data as the 2D artwork, while well defined and with some nice 2D characters, shouldn't be taking up massive amounts of space. Visual effects too are limited, but solid.

So the visuals are what they are, but I would have liked to see the actual units a little larger on screen. We run our reviews here on a 46" LCD TV, but could see that on a much smaller TV it may be a little hard to make out some of the units.

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Down to 13 of 30 HP in Clash of Heroes.
Admittedly there isn't too much to get excited about with this game sonically. There is some decent music, ambient effects are pretty nice and remain through menus and battles, while the sound effects are functional enough. We didn't expect anything much from the audio, and it's not exceptional but it gets the job done.

After initial skepticism I can honestly say I was very soon hooked on Might & Magic Clash of Heroes which is a brilliant, cheapish release on the Playstation Store. I can't recommend this puzzle/strategy game highly enough. Simply brilliant.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSDespite starting life on the NDS the updated HD visuals impress.
SOUNDSome nice ambient effects, adequate sounds but limited speech.
GAMEPLAYWhile it won't be for everyone this is an addictive game, very addictive.
VALUEWhile priced at $23.95 making it a dearer PSN-only title the lengthy campaign and online multiplayer makes this great value.
OVERALLMight & Magic: Clash of Heroes really is a fantastic game and well worth adding to your collection if you like the genre.

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