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November 6, 2008
Lumines Supernova - PS3 Preview
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TBATBAQ EntertainmentQ Entertainment
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Lumines Supernova is quite colourful.
If you're a PSP owner then chances are that you have at the very least played the brilliant puzzle game Lumines from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and his company Q Entertainment. As a launch title it still holds up remarkably well as one of the best games on the system to this very day. If you never checked out the PSP version we certainly recommend you read our review for a bit more detail on what to expect from this PS3 title. As you may have noticed above this PS3 version will actually be released on the Plastation Store rather then at retail, but given the nature of the game it should be a pretty small download.

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PS3 Lumines should have slightly improved visuals.
Essentially Lumines is a puzzle game where the player must control a series of falling 2 x 2 blocks of up to two different colours. These must be arranged at the bottom of the screen in square blocks at least 2 x 2 in size and of the same colour. Sounds easy right? While it starts off fairly slowly and is easy to get to grips with the game speeds up and it only gets harder. While you're playing a "Sequencing Bar" moves across the screen from left to right and deletes any of the solid blocks which you have created. The larger the area deleted the greater the number of points you will rack up. At times a special block will be dropped which will delete not only your created squares, but also any adjoining blocks of the same colour.

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Another PS3 Lumines screenshot.
The Playstation 3 version will include some brand new skins for the game bringing the total up to 40 in the Challenge Mode alone, as well as some new game modes. Indeed one of the most exciting aspects is the all-new Sequencer Mode which allows you to create your own background music for use in the game. Don't worry about the in-game music though as that has always been a highlight of the series and we expect no less here.

We do know that the game will allow you to battle with a friend, although at this stage it is unclear if this will be on a single console, or via online gameplay.

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Hang on, who is that in the background!?
Graphically this game looks pretty nice. Sure, there's not millions of polygons flying around, or visual effects to blow your socks off, but this game (Which we hope will run in 1080p) offers a clean, but varied, graphic presentation.

As one of the best games on the PSP, we can't wait to see this PS3 version get a release. We're not sure if Q? Entertainment will really be pushing the PS3 system too hard, but it doesn't have to as this is one of the most addictive puzzle games of all time. Expect a release sooner rather then later seeing as the title has already been submitted to the Australian Classification Board for rating.