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January 8, 2007
Gripshift - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Download Size
March 2007Sony Online Ent.Sidhe293MB
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Gripshift requires skilful driving.
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Getting some massive air.

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Check out the texture detail.
When we heard that Sidhe was porting Gripshift to the Playstation 3 (which was quite a while ago actually) we were pretty thrilled to hear it. Sidhe are one of the best developers in our part of the world (they're Kiwi's, but like anything good from there Australia will claim them!). Gripshift was one of the early standout titles on the PSP and hearing that the game would be ported to Sony's big system was not only a big opportunity for Sidhe to become more well know around the globe, but would also allow millions more gamers to experience the unique title (that is, after millions more PS3 units are sold of course).

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Aztec influences anyone?
GripShift is essentially a racing game with more then a passing resemblance to a certain Sony series called Wipeout in the way the tracks have massive jumps, twists and massive drop-offs to either side should you head off course. The twist, however, is that the game has puzzle styled elements and obstacles to overcome.

Gripshift takes place across over 125 levels over 25 tracks in four themed worlds (Desert, Jungle, Ice and Horror) with six different vehicles to select from. You will also be able to select from six different characters, although their effect on the gameplay remains a little unknown at this stage. What is known is how each of the cars in the game can get some absolutely massive air to find shortcuts with players even able to control their cars to an extent while in the air. Naturally nitro’s will be available for that little extra boost of speed when required.

The Playstation 3 game has had some major changes and upgrades. Besides the obvious upgrades with the graphics the developers at Sidhe have included a 4-player online mode for head-to-head battles. The developers have also made use of the Sixaxis tilt mechanism to alter your pitch in the air.

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Now that's a steep track.
Graphics in this game have certainly been bumped up a couple of notches from the PSP game. I'm not saying that game was slack at all either, but Sidhe have worked on the higher resolution textures to ensure the game looks its best at 720p. By sticking to this resolution the developers have managed to lock the game in at a solid 60fps which is, without a doubt for racing games, much more important then a little more resolution.

The PSP version of Gripshift was a cracker of a game (the full review of which you can check out right here). The addition of online gameplay is a major boost for the title and the improved graphics are stunning. Given the cheap price (it's $US9.99 in America - no price set for Europe or Australia as yet) this should be an essential purchase.