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June 2, 2009
Fat Princess - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
18/6/2009SonySonyTitan Studios
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Both princesses are still captive.
Fat Princess. Not exactly the most exciting or most descriptive of titles for a video game we must agree. But it is catchy, and certainly generates a lot of interest (including upsetting some fat people due to the title - although it didn't upset my fat ass!). Having been unveiled at E3 2008 the release of this game has been a long time coming with the release now expected in June 2009, just a couple of weeks after the Beta Trial (which we were privledged to be a part of), and a showing at the E3 Show in Los Angeles this week.

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Checking out the battle ground o the map.
So what's it about? Fat Princess pits two hordes of players against each other in a comic medieval battle royale. Your goal is to rescue your beloved princess from the enemy dungeon. Thereís a catch though: your adversary has been stuffing her with cake to fatten her up and itís going to take most of your army working together to carry her back across the battlefield.

The game takes place on ten different levels, eight of which are designed for multi-player and two of which are single player focused. Each of these maps is themed on a different dessert. We've played the Black Forest level, but there are others including Coco Cliffs. The game includes a 10 chapter single player campaign, but we can see that this will primarily be an online experience with up to 32 players battling it out in each game.

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A brutal battle on the Black Forest level.
The ultimate goal is to stop the enemies getting into your castle and 'stealing' back their Princess. When you start the game you begin in your castle and have the choice of putting on one of five different hats, each of which determines what type of character you will become including Worker, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest.

Each of these characters has two weapons at their disposal, although some may only be unlocked after characters have been upgraded. The Ranger has a crossbow to start with, but after a while he is upgraded to also carry a shotgun. The Worker has an axe to chop down trees for resources, but later on can carry bombs. The weapons can be powered up by holding down the firing button - the longer you hold it down, the more powerful the weapon becomes.

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Doing some work around the castle.
As a defender one of best tools to stop this is to feed your captured princess cake which is littered around the land, thereby making her fatter, and harder for the liberating armies to carry back to their base. The heavier she is, the more people required to carry her back to safety.

As with all Playstation games released since the beginning of 2009 Fat Princess will include trophy support. The title will also include online leader boards and rankings, and we suspect there will be downloadable content given the menu choice for purchasing goods. If there is one disappointment it's that there doesn't appear to be any split-screen multi-player. Surely some 4-player split screen gameplay would have been a tremendous addition to this release.

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Taking some cake back to the Princess.
As you can see from the surrounding screenshots this game looks all bright and colourful with a bold cel-shaded Nintendo look, but this game is bloody. When someone is killed blood splatter goes everywhere and there's a large pool of blood on the ground. Even with many characters on screen at once and blood splattering everywhere the game manages to maintain a solid frame rate.

Until we got our hands on the Beta version of Fat Princess we were a little on the fence, it looked to childish despite the violence and didn't really appeal. Having now put a few hours into the Beta - which includes all the classes and upgrades, but only one map - we are many times more optimistic about this game. It is fun, it has some great online gameplay, and has the potential to be another "must have" Playstation Network title when it hits the Store in late June.