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May 16, 2007
Calling All Cars - Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
18/5/2007SonySonyIncog Inc.
Offline Players Online players Price Download Size

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The cartoon graphics are pretty neat.
One thing alone should get you interested in this game. David "God of War" Jaffe has been working on it. Sure it's not a major retail release but for our mind this looks like being one of the best downloadable titles, with online gameplay mind you, to date.

Calling All Cars features four highly detailed 3D levels, each filled with power-ups and destructible elements. You'll have 10 vehicles to choose from and six cartoony power-ups to collect and use against your opponent (homing missiles, drop mines, even giant sledge hammers!). But be careful! Your opponents will try to ram and attack you so they can steal the criminal for themselves. Plus enjoy the special split screen online gameplay, allowing for more party-game play sessions!

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For such a small download, graphics rock!
Calling All Cars is a cartoony, fast action game of cops n' robbers. Race your car through a variety of interactive levels, chasing down and capturing the fleeing bad guy. Earn points by taking the captured criminal to jail. Apparently the single-player game is extremely short with a playtime of well under an hour, however it must be said that the single-player game isn't the focus of this title.

Mult-player is where this game shines, and as well as a four-player split screen mode the real meat of this game will come in the support for up to four players via online modes.

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Using the magnet.
Grapically this game certainly looks the part with 1080p visuals running at 60fps - even in the 4-player split screen mode. The cel-shaded styled graphics look ok in these static screens but when you see this game in action you realise just how sharp it looks. The audio is also upbeat, with plenty of music reminescent of those classic cops and robbers movies and TV shows.

We still don't have a definite release date for Calling All Cars in Europe or Australia - it was released for download in America (for a wonderful price of only $US9.95) last week so we suspect it may be this weekend (hopefully). Keep an eye out for this one - it's cheap, but that doesn't mean it isn't tremendous fun.