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April 28, 2009
Burn Zombie Burn! - PS3 Review
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The levels are choc full of zombies.
As the number of games on the Playstation 3 increases gamers are offered more and more choice to suit their gaming tastes. One of the booming areas is the number of downloadable games available through the Playstation Store, with many costing little more then a meal at McDonalds. Burn Zombie Burn! is one such title with a release price of only $12.95 in Australia.

The goal is simple: to get the highest score possible. Your hero is Bruce an average every-day Joe who was looking forward to some "quality time" with his girlfriend Daisy when their Saturday night was ruined by an invasion of zombies. Standing in your way is a never ending horde of undead. To survive you must shoot, burn and explode as many zombies as possible before they overwhelm you.

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Being chased through the drive-in.
Burn Zombie Burn! is a classic top-down shooter set across six American-horror movie inspired levels. The game contains four main game modes. Freeplay allow you to simply try and rack up the highest score, Defense sees you, as Bruce, trying to defend your girlfriend Daisy from the hordes of zombies, Timed limits your game time to five minutes, but adds in tome time pickups to extend that time as you progress while Challenged provides ten different challenges to complete. While each of these four modes is open from the outset, levels must be complete to unlock subsequent levels or challenges. This isn't an easy game either, so it will take quite a while to unlock everything.

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These big-assed zombies take some killing.
Where this game really shines is the balance achieved between taking a risk and the rewards gained by taking these risks. By setting the zombies on fire you dramatically multiply the points being racked up. By setting the zombies on fire though you increase the pace at which they run around the level, and they seem more determined then ever to hunt you down. Ultimately this game is all about the high scores. There are no cut-scenes, no big storylines to follow, and certainly no life-changing gameplay experience. No, playing this game reminded me of classics like Smash TV and Zombies Ate My Neighbours. Pure, classic, gameplay.

Also impressive is the range of zombies which you will encounter. Sure you have your slow, lumbering, Resident Evil type dumb zombies heading your way but later on you will encounter exploding zombies, football crazed charging zombies and some massive goliaths which can only be defeated with some TNT placed under their asses.

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I count 49 zombies. How about you?
One of the best things about this game is the multi-player. Two gamers can play as co-op in a friendly manner, or in a competition styled Versus mode to see who can rack up the highest score. These modes really are brilliant, and will keep you going for quite a few hours. Unfortunately the multi-player also brings the biggest disappointment with a lack of online multi-player.

Visually this game ticks all the right boxes, but doesn't really stand out as an exceptional title. The characters are well designed, the animation is good enough and the backgrounds, all six of them, decent enough. Effects such as flames and explosions are nice while the real positive is the solid frame rate during gameplay.

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Just starting the level.
Audio is also solid with some lively music, and a booming announcer to ensure you know what's happening at times. The highlight though is the wonderful effects from the various weapons and explosions. Oh we also love the opening statement for each level "I'm here to shoot zombies and chew gum, and Im all out of gum."

We've enjoyed a lot of downloadable titles on the Playstation Store, and Burn Zombie Burn! is one of the better games released to date. Sure there isn't much variety in the gameplay, but there are plenty of modes, it can be quite humorous, and is quite difficult so you'll spend quite a bit of time with this game. If you like your shooters this is worth the price of a cheap meal.

Review By: Dave Warner

Order your copy through the PS3's Playstation Store.
GRAPHICSNot really too much variety but a solid frame rate is retained.
SOUNDThe announcer becomes repetitive, but good music and effects.
GAMEPLAYAn entertaining top-down shooter with good weapon variety.
VALUEThere's only six maps but some entertaing modes at a great price.
OVERALLBurn Zombie Burn is an entertaining game released at a budget price. If you like your shooters - and pretty tough ones at that - then this is worth a purchase.

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