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October 8 2007
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 - PS3 Preview
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Flame on! Ermm whoops, wrong franchise.
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That's going to hurt a bit!

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Graphics are simply jaw dropping.
As with any sports games it seems that yearly updates are all the rage for wrestling games as well. The Playstation 3 though is a new system and this is the first time that THQ's wrestling franchise is coming to the system. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 is a game which, given that last years version was scrapped due to a lack of development time, we're expecting some very big things from. Fortunately the developers are packing in quite a few new features (over, say, last years XBox 360 outing) to get very excited about. These enhancements include new rosters, more environmental hotspots, improved out-of-ring action, and enhanced online community support.

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The landing is going to hurt!
The bulk of this game is the WWE 24/7 mode. This mode combines the popular Season and General Manager Modes from the previous SmackDown vs. Raw games into a single package. This mode allows you to live the superstar lifestyle and includes multiple character development options, stats tracking and career goals will guide players toward the ultimate achievement of becoming a legend. The great news for fans of the sport is that the ECW will even invade the franchise with some superstars, arenas and weapons.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 includes eight Superstar Fighting styles to choose from with each having their own unique strategy with exclusive moves, abilities, attributes and more. A new Struggle Submission System gives players intuitive and natural control over their WWE superstars using the analogue sticks. Realism and strategy are at the forefront, as players can now control the, amount of pressure they apply. Astute fans will also have seen that objects on fire such as barb wire covered pieces of wood and tables will also be included in the game. One of the big exclusive features to the PS3 version is the ability during fighter entrances to switch to a first person mode and use the motion sensing in the Sixaxis to look around as you enter.

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Time for some back breaking pain.
Of course multi-player is likely to be supported in the game - certainly on a single console we expect 4-player support, but we are also hoping that the developers will be able to put in some online gameplay althoguh this is to be confirmed.

I guess one of the key features of any wrestling, or indeed sports game, is the player/character list and in that regard WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 is a winner. Indeed there is quite a lengthy list of current superstars in the game (the three columns on the left) but also quite a few Legends (in the right hand column).

Bobby Lashley
Booker T
Candice Michelle
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Gregory Helms
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Kelly Kelly
Ken Kennedy
Kenny Dykstra
Marcus Cor Von
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels
The Great Khali
Tommy Dreamer
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
William Regal
Bret Hart
Mick Foley
Rick Rude
Roddy Piper
Steve Austin
Terry Funk
The Rock

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Let's hope animation matches player models!
While WWE isn't something I generally watch on TV, or really enjoy when I do, the video game versions are a little different. They're entertaining, lively, and generally play quite well. This is the first time the series is hitting the Playstation 3 after last years title was scrapped as the release date neared. It's a decision we can't argue with as it has given THQ and the development team at Yukes time to make this game every bit as impressive as the other versions with just as many options.

Expect WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 to hit the shelves in late 2007.