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December 7 2006
Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
23/3/2007THQSegaSega Studios
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The backgrounds are stunning.
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Two favourites battle it out!

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Photo-realism in the background.
While the Playstation 3 has had a very successful launch in Japan and America with complete sellouts and long pre-orders which will run well beyond the day Santa pays us a visit. After the New Year gamers will be looking for new titles, with Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 promising to be one of the biggest on the system. Not only is this latest game in their beat 'em up franchise looking set to set new benchmarks. Great characters, spectacular graphics and deep gameplay promises to make this one of the first genuine triple-A titles. While it isn't an exclusive game the Playstation 3 will be the only console to host the title for some time with the XBox 360 version still months away.

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You looking at me punk!
Virtua Fighter 5 will feature an all-star cast of 17 fighters, including characters from the previous iterations along with two new characters named El Blaze and Eileen. El Blaze is a Mexican fighting champion who defeats opponents with his quick Lucha Libre fighting style. Eileen, originally from China, uses a Monkey Kung-Fu fighting style that she learned from her grandfather, a former Kung-Fu master. Players will be able to customize their characters by selecting from four uniquely patterned costumes and a wide range of attachable items that can be placed onto each fighter's various body parts.

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Another of the glorious stages.
The game will deliver fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action as players head into battle, taking on a host of popular characters. Players will not only achieve victory by defeating highly-skilled opponents, but will also compete for prizes and earn in-game money through the match to buy many items at an in-game shop. These items allow players to customize their ultimate warrior and become the top Virtua Fighter. In addition, the game will introduce "Offensive Move", a new maneuver that will allow players to easily approach opponents from the side, adding a more strategic element to the battle.

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Shun is a classic character.
The surrounding screenshots, believe it or not, are from the Playstation 3 title. What you can't appreciate from these static screens is the wonderful animation on the characters which is silky smooth, and probably the best ever seen in a fighting game. The stunning visuals don't stop with the characters, but also extends to the backgrounds which have some wonderful touches be it the twinkling of stars, or flowing river. The game will run at 720p on the Playstation 3 and feature Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Virtua Fighter 5 looks, and should play, every bit as impressively as the previous games in the series. Fighting fans should keep an eye out for this title in March, several months before any other systems.