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July 28 2010
Vanquish - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
22/10/2010SegaSegaPlatinum Games
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Vanquish looks like a frantic shooter.
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Your character slides around a lot in Vanquish.

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Vanquish is a third person shooter from Platinum Games.
Shinji Mikami may not be the household name in line with Shiguru Miyamoto, Yuji Naka, Peter Molyneux or Will Wright, but games Shinji Mikami has worked on should be in most gamers collections - Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Killer 7 and Dino Crisis to name a few. That's an impressive list so it's no wonder anything new generates interest, and Vanquish is his latest creation at Platinum Games, and to be published by Sega.

Vanquish takes place on a vast space station in a near future world where nations war over the planetís remaining energy resources. Against this backdrop, players take the role of Sam Gideon, a government agent kitted out with a futuristic battle suit. A versatile fighter with a huge arsenal of weaponry at his disposal, Sam also has an array of martial arts skills that he can use to take down his robot enemies.

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Ohhh, America's first female president?
Originally designed as an open-world game Vanquish was eventually brought back to a more linear world (inspired by the Japanese animation Casshern) in order to increase the density of the game world and to keep everything more focused. In terms of gameplay this is very much a third person shooter, with Sam (voiced by Gideon Emery for the English version of the game) having some limited melee abilities as well. What makes this game so unique from other third person shooters is the speed at which you move and slide around the levels taking cover behind objects while fighting the enemies. The game rates your performance not only on the enemies killed, but also your reflexes and strategic thinking.

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Vanquish is a visually impressive title.
We must point out that while we're unsure if this applies in Australia as yet selected stores are offering exclusive access to a 3-weapon downloadable pack to those that pre-order the game. The three weapons include a Boost Machine Gun, Anti-Armor Pistol and Laser Cannon. Not a bad bonus for pre-ordering at select stores.

One aspect of this game which we are disappointed with, and we suspect a lot of people will be, is that there will not be any multi-player modes. That's right in an age where we have online only shooters, and single player games that provide just as much in online gameplay Vanquish has nothing.

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Shooting at enemies from behind cover.
Visually this game is striking. You can get a sense of the chaos and detail in the surrounding screenshots here, but when you see it in action it all looks super-slick. The good news for PS3 owners who were disappointed by the port of Bayonetta is that the PS3 is now the lead platform for Vanquish which should see Sony's platform running on par with, if not better then, other versions.

Vanquish is a game that really deserves attention. As a new franchise it's bound to struggle but with Platinum Games having a massive hit last year with Bayonetta and Resident Evil/Devil May Cry creator Shinji Mikami working on this title it is a game that should be at the top of every gamers Christmas list with a release now set for late October 2010.