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January 11 2010
Vancouver 2010 - PS3 Preview
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The skiing course is completed.
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Vancouver 2010 looks pretty sharp on PS3.

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Preparing to compete in the Olympics.
We love sports here at and you can bet that when the winter Olympics kick off in only a few weeks time we'll be tuning in to many of the events. What we can't tune into Sony's brilliant PlayTV will be recording to us. In the lead up to one of the worlds biggest sporting spectacles Sega are releasing the required video game tie-in, Vancouver 2010 which should provide a few thrills for sports fans. Rather then waffle on, let's get into the details...

So this is a game based on the 2010 Winter Olympics which kicks off in a few short weeks and developers Eurocom have covered most of the bases with 24 nations represented (including Australia, but well short of the 97 qualified nations to date), online leader boards and of course multiplayer which supports up to 4 players in split-screen mode, or two players online head-to-head.

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Germany competing in the Two-Man Bobsleigh.
Naturally a game such as this will live or die by the events and Vancouver 2010 includes 14 events which are as follows... Alpine Skiing: Giant Slalom (women), Slalom (women), Downhill (men), Super G (men); Sledding: Two-Man Bobsleigh (men), Luge Singles (men), Skeleton (men); Freestyle skiing: Aerials (men), Ski Cross (women); Snowboarding: Parallel Giant Slalom (men), Snowboard Cross (men); Ski Jumping: Individual Large Hill (men); Speed Skating: 500 m Short track speed skating (women), 1500 m Short track speed skating (women).

To be honest we have to say that we're a little disappointed in that roster of events. There is so much more in the actual Olympics that could, and probably should, have been included such as Ice Hockey, Biathalon, Figure Skating or even Curling (Which may have found a use for the Dual Shock 3 motion control!). Still, if each of included events is entertaining then it should still provide plenty of thrills and spills.

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Sega's Vancouver 2010 game looks entertaining.
Vancouver 2010 will also include 30 different challenge modes including 'Smashing the Snowmen' and 'Speed Bands' (which we have no idea about the objectives for, but there is also one called 'Landing Zone' which sees you performing a ski jump and needing to land within 10m of a target of say 90 or 100m.

Visually the game looks fairly solid - with a lot of white snow and ice of course! What makes this interesting though is the inclusion of a first person mode for many of the events which should provide a few thrills.

Do we expect this to be a groundbreaking title? No, of course not, but it should be fairly entertaining for sports lovers and those who want to get excited for the upcoming Olympics. It hits stores this week so get your pre-orders in now.