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May 19, 2005
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 - Preview
Release Date Publisher Developer Anticipation Players Price
2006EA SportsEA Redwood Shores1-4$TBA

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Tiger style...
I love golf games and there is one that towers above all others at the moment, EA Sports' Tiger Woods. The 2005 E3 show allowed the company to confirm the series was heading to next generation consoles - and it looks spectacular too.

Just as it is on the PGA TOUR, the key to a good shot is execution and precision. In Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 both analog sticks are used to give more control than ever over each shot. The left analog stick will continue to control the backswing and downswing, while the right analog stick, or “Shape stick”, controls ball trajectory and spin. Players are now challenged to focus on the impact point on the ball, while thinking more strategically before executing a shot. The next generation of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR delivers higher-fidelity physics models that allow the ball when struck to interact more realistically with the clubface and terrain, resulting in more realistic ball flight and bounces.

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Courses look spectacular.
In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 you can compete as or against nine different PGA TOUR players including Tiger Woods, John Daly, Retief Goosen and Vijay Singh. In fact, the inclusion of Vijay Singh is an interesting one considering Ubisoft are reportedly developing a game using him as the name - perhaps that is on hold now? The Game Face, or ability to create a player, returns and we can expect it to be even better and more realistic (I didn't think that was possible!) then before.

The power of the next generation consoles delivers revolutionary gameplay and gives Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 the ability to recreate some of the world’s most beautiful courses like never seen before. Advanced lighting techniques provide a much better sense of terrain undulation and the contours that make each course unique. This gives players the ability to realistically interpret approach shots or a crucial putt on a rolling green.

Perhaps the one disappointment is that the game will only include six licensed courses. Given that the last PS2 title had 14 courses to select from - still that will be quickly forgotten when you see this game in high definition. David Feherty and Gary McCord make up the golf announcing dream team and provide their commentary and irreverent observations on each round.

While not confirmed you can almost guarantee Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 will be a PS3 launch title. Expect more news and screenshots closer to release.