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July 1 2010
Twisted Metal - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
7/3/2012SonySonyEat Sleep Play
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation

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Twisted Metal is coming to the PS3.
Despite flat out denials for several months leading up to E3 David Jaffe and Scott Campbell took to the stage at the event to announce that development studio Eat Sleep Play was indeed creating a new Twisted Metal game - and it was received with much enthusiasm. Indeed the appearance of Sweet Tooth in his Ice Cream Truck on stage at E3 was pure classic. With the title set for release on PS3 there is certainly a boost to the game over previous PSP and PS2 versions and while much is still unknown, such as if the game even takes place in the same universe as previous titles, we do have some information.

Rather then selecting single characters players will align themselves with a faction, and at this stage only whcih gives the game more of a a team based feel. At this stage we have only seen the Clowns and Dolls but there will be several more factions by the time the game hits shelves. The game will include over a dozen vehicles and characters to drive around in and unlike previous games characters will be able to use several vehicles, not just the ones they were stuck in in the past. So far characters in the game have been seen using sniper rifles and shotguns from within their vehicles too.

Twisted Metal on the PS3 will have a single player campaign mode however this wasn't on display at the conference with the developers preferring to show off the 16-player multiplayer modes. The final game will also include a split screen mode for offline multiplayer action for up to 4-players. One of the game modes highlighted was called Nuke which plays similar to a Capture the Flag game however it sees you capturing the leader of the enemies and returning him to a large cannon in your base which must be defended before the opposition leader is fired missile-like into the skies to take out a massive metallic statue.

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Is that a mech-like vehicle in Twisted Metal on PS3?!
Given that this game will hit shelves a decade after the last PS2 title, Twisted Metal: Black it's no surprise to see that the latest generation in console has allowed the development team to push the series further then ever and nothing is more evident of this then the inclusion of flight. At this stage we have only seen a helicopter but it's feasible that other vehicles such as planes, drones, hot air balloons (who knows what Jaffe is thinking!) could make an appearance.

Visually this game already looks pretty solid although admittedly isn't the best we've seen on the system to date. Still, with the game not due to ship until 2011, and probably late in the year at that, there is plenty of time for David Jaffe to polish this and create something quite spectacular.

After a decade long wait Twisted Metal is finally coming back to Sony's consoles and it promises to bring back the fun, and potentially be a big system seller for Sony. Expect a release sometime in 2011 (although the Official Playstation Site in America currently states Spring 2011 - so Autumn here in Australia).