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November 27 2007
TimeShift - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
6/12/2007VivendiSierraSaber Interactive
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation

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Yes, it's dark, but also moody.
TimeShift's development has been awkward to say the least. Originally announced as an XBox exclusive the Saber Interactive developed title was to be released through Atari, but that deal fell through. Vivendi then picked up the title and shifted development to the XBox 360. A demo was released in 2006, but the reception it received was mixed to say the least. Rather then scrap or release the product as it was to recoup some money Vivendi gave developers Saber Interactive more time to retool the game to fix issues and respond to negative comments and, in good news for us, also bring the game to the Playstation 3. Following the release on PC and XBox 360 a few weeks ago Vivendi Australia have now confirmed that TimeShift will be released here in early December.

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TimeShift's graphics are quite special.
At the beginning of the game the Time Travel Facility is in the process of being destroyed by the programs Founder and Lead Physicist, Dr. Aiden Krone. Prior to this moment, the program has successfully designed and manufactured two time-jumping suits – the 1st is known as the Alpha Suit; the 2nd suit is a more recent prototype, a greatly improved-but-untested military version, known as the Beta Suit.

In the final moments of the facility’s destruction, we discover that Dr. Krone is trying to destroy the entire program and use his Alpha Suit to Time-Jump from our timestream to another Alternate timestream. At the same time, the player’s character is running through the facility, risking his life to put on the untested Beta Suit before the entire building is destroyed. Instead of running from the building, he is doing the exact opposite. But why?

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Lighting looks absolutely superb.
So what about the game? Well TimeShift is obviously a First Person Shooter, but the most interesting aspect is the ability to slow, stop and reverse the flow of time. The game will include many puzzles set up to make use to the Time Shifting abilities. The game will also include a large number of weapons from an alternate timeline, plasma guns, hybrid grenades, full action pistols and the dreaded "Swarm Cannon".

Online multi-player will also be supported for up to 16-players with seven different modes to enjoy. It will also be possible to customise your own multi-player game mode using over 60 options with a total of 14 multi-player maps to choose from.

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Lighting looks absolutely superb.
One of the biggest things about this game isn't a feature as such, but knowledge of the lengthy development process the game has gone through - one could call it development hell, but others will see it as a blessing in disguise. The original version had some 34 levels in total however the reworking of the game has seen the developers drop this back to 24 of the best levels, with the least exciting being dropped. The first three levels have been re-developed from the ground up to remove their 'tutorial' feel thereby picking up the pace immediately while the final level has also undergone some pretty major changes and enhancements.

Even the development team has changed considerbly. The project started with a development studio of 25 people, that has now tripled to 75 while the company has been able to recruit people through Sierra including Chris Miller who worked on F.E.A.R., Ryan French and James Bonti who worked on Scarface: The World Is Yours and others from developers Radical Entertainment. Sierra are obviously putting a lot into this game - and it is shows.

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Yar, OK, this scene is quite dark.
Graphically there have been significant changes from the original version. In fact you can see an image from the original version by clicking here and the new version of the game by clicking here. The differences are impressive to say the least and the Saber3D engine is being used to full effect. We have to saw that we're not sure what resolution the final game will run in but the screenshots we obtained were in 1920 x 1080 so 1080p is certainly possible.

As many of you would be aware a demo of TimeShift is now available on the Playstation Store and it's certainly worth the small download so you know what you're getting with the game. We have to give kudos to Saber Interactive for stepping back some time ago, looking at this title, and then totally reworking much of it to improve it well beyond the original design and implementation. Expect the game to be released on December 6th for $AU99.95.