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May 12 2007
Transformers: The Game - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
13/7/2007ActivisionActivisionTraveller's Tales
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Transformers is based on the upcoming movie.
There are several big movies due out this Summer in America (which is our Winter obviously). Spider-man 3 has already hit cinemas and broken box office records the world over. Shrek the Third is due out soon, as is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. While all those movies are the third in the series by far the most exciting original movie is Transformers. Directed by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Bad Boys I & II) and Executive produced by Steven Spielberg (insert any of his 110 movies as producer!) this is certain to be a blockbuster event. I really admire Paramount for not showing off too much of the actual Transformers in trailers - it leaves plenty to be shown in the cinema.

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Firing at the enemy.
A couple of years ago Melbourne House developed a Transformers game for Atari on PS2 which was a damn decent title - in fact it's still one of our favourites (you can read our review here). We can only hope that Activision and the developers of this game, Traveller's Tales, have spent a bit of time on the previous title as there were plenty of good ideas and frantic gameplay to enjoy. So what does Transformers: The Game include? Well, much is shrouded in secrecy, but we do know a little bit...

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It might be time to get out of the way!
Transformers: The Game follows the plot of the movie fairly closely. The great thing about this game is that at the beginning you can choose which side you wish to fight on! Essentially the game, and movie, comes down to a battle for earth between two sides; the Autobots who chose to protect us, and the Decepticons who are out to destroy anything, or anyone, that gets in their way. The game will include Autobots to control and 5 Decepticons - not quite as high as we would like however if they are tailored to certain levels it should be enough. So far Activision has only confirmed Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Barricade and Megatron as being in the game, the latter of which whom we only know will be voiced - we're unsure if Megatron will be playable as yet.

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Using objects as weapons.
The great news for gamers is that the developers haven't just followed the plot of the movie closely but have actually collaborated closely with ILM and Dreamworks to ensure that everything, including the Transformers themselves has been accurately reproduced. The transformations also look absolutely fabulous and should prove to be a critical part of the gameplay as you traverse the massive levels.

Each of the levels in Transformers: The Game is highly destructible. Indeed each of the Transformers can pick up objects such as cars and parts of buildings to use as weapons. Gamers must remember though that if you chose to be the Autobots your mission is to save the earth, so randomly destroying the world may not be the best option. Alternatively as the Decepticons you can randomly destroy whatever gets in your path. The PS3 version of the game will also allow gamers to use the Sixaxis to control flying vehicles using the tilt mechanism.

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Transformer modeling is very impressive.
Audio in the game should also play a major part in the authenticity and excitement and we're very pleased to confirm that Megatron will be voiced by Frank Welker while Optimus Prime will be voiced by Peter Cullen. While Peter Cullen is also supplying the voiceover for the movie Frank Welker is replacing Hugo Weaving who is voicing Optimus Prime in the silver screen version. It's not all bad though as Transformers fans will know that Frank Welker provided the voice for Optimus Prime in the earlier TV shows and movies.

I'm starting to get really hyped to see this movie and play this game. I think it's going to be the 'popcorn' flick of the season and Activision's tie-in looks fairly decent. A couple of questions remain including multi-player and the length of the game for each side but if it lives up to potential then we're in for something very special indeed.