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August 8 2010
Test Drive Unlimited 2 - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
Q'1 2011Namco BandaiNamco BandaiEden Games
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Cars in Test Drive Unlimited 2 look slick.
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Driving along at speed.

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TDU2's interior car detail impresses.
A couple of years ago, in 2006 to be exact, Atari released a game developed by Eden Games called Test Drive Unlimited which hit the XBox 360, PC, PS2 and PSP, but bypassed the PS3. While the game had the very famous Test Drive name - a franchise that started as an Accolade title in 1987. Now, some 23 years later Test Drive Unlimited 2 is about to hit the shelves and the series has never looked better with gorgeous visuals, and a massive world.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will feature thousands of miles of on and off-road driving in Ibiza, the world’s most notorious party destination as well as additional roadways on the tropical paradise of Oahu (which featured in the new game). Ibiza made its mark as a legendary, chic party destination where people from all over the globe unite to hear incredible music and sway their bodies to the electro-dance beats.

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Checking out the car in the garage.
According to the developers this game includes an all-new single player story mode with "compelling" character progression. A dramatic narrative, unforgettable characters, and immersive cut scenes to draw you in to the vibrant world of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Single player mode can be experienced offline or as part of the multiplayer experience. Create your custom avatar (with hair, clothes, physique and attitude) and build your fortune. It will also be possible to customise your cars with paint jobs, decals and trims. Speaking of cars Atari confirmed at E3 2010 that cars from Aston Martin, Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Lotus and Mercedes will be included in the game with many more expected in the final product.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 includes new modes and gameplay including Championship, Racing school, duels, and cups while off-road racing is now featured, with a whole new class of vehicle and hundreds of miles of off road tracks now in the game. Another change from the original game is the removal of motorbikes, although they may be added back in at a later date through DLC.

Visually this game is very impressive. We don't have any in-game screens showing the racing, but the screens around this preview give you a good idea of what quality to expect. The game includes dynamic weather, day/night cycles, motion blur, and car damage. In terms of multi-player (which ha recently undergone closed Beta testing) up to 8 players can enter free roaming together while up to 32-players will be able to walk around the shops and clubs together.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be released September.
Not to be outdone by the visuals, the audio in TDU2 is pretty impressive too with a wide selection of dance, alternative and indie rock acts. The big coup for Eden Games is not only gaining the services of DJ Paul Oakenfold, but having him debut a new track from his forthcoming album via the game. Other artists in the game include Deadmau5, Paul van Dyk, Ellie Goulding, Metric and Danko Jones. Additionally, Atari has also retained Grammy-winning writer, producer, arranger, mixer and remixer Steve Thompson – who has worked with the likes of Madonna, Guns n' Roses, Wu Tang Clan and Metallica -- as the game’s music consultant.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is shaping up very nicely indeed. Admittedly we haven't seen as much of the game as we would like, however if the surrounding screenshots and feature list are any indication then the game deserves to be checked out. Unfortunately only days after doing this preview in early August Australian distributors confirmed a delay until Q'1 2011 so Eden have a little more time to polish the game.