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January 30 2010
Super Street Fighter IV - PS3 Preview
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Fighting in the new laboratory stage.
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The bonus car smashing stage returns.

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Newcomer Juri takes on Vega/M.Bison in SSFIV.
When it comes to 2D fighting games none comes close to Street Fighter for a fan base, and regular outputting of sequels. In February 2009 Capcom released the very impressive Street Fighter IV which we loved here Futuregamez. Now, a year later Capcom are about to release their "Super" version which, like previous games with that tag, offers a range of improvements and some additions. What exactly you ask? Read on...

There are plenty of new features in this game, much of it to do with the online gameplay which we've detailed below. But there is more. The bonus stages from Street Fighter II, that being the Car and Barrel stages have been reincorporated into the arcade and challenge modes. A couple of classic characters have been reimagined for this game including DeeJay and T. Hawk while the game also sees a new character; the South Korean female Juri who is the first in the franchise to use Tae Kwon Do style fighting. Finally Capcom have rebalanced the gameplay for many of the characters.

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Battle in, or above, Metro City.
So that's quite a bit of the new stuff, but what do we expect overall from this game? Well the game will include a roster of 25 characters including characters from Street Fighter IV such as Ryu, Ken, Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte and Rufus, while adding about eight new characters to the game including the return of DeeJay and T. Hawk from earlier titles. Also confirmed are Guy and Cody (from Final Fight) who both make an appearance in the game. In terms of gameplay Super Street Fighter IV adds new Ultra Combos with two per character in the game.

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DeeJay vs Rufus in Super Street Fighter IV.
Online gameplay is also included in this game and it has now been expanded greatly for this latest version. Team battles are now included which allow up to 8 players participating in battles in 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, or 4 vs 4 team elimination battles. Up to 8 players can also participate in the Endless Battle where the winner stays on and plays against the next player in true arcade fashion. Spectators can also chat with each other as they watch the match.

A Replay Channel is included so players can watch recorded matches and discuss the battle with other players while a Tournament Mode is also promised as DLC after launch (although we don't know if there will be a fee, or if it will be free).

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Huzzah! Meerkats make it into SSFIV.
Visuals promise to be on-par with the previous game in the series, but as we've previously mentioned there are some new locations including the bonus stages, new characters. As we well and truly know from the previous game the animation is super slick and we expect no less from this upgraded version. In fact Capcom may eve improve some of the visuals and animations from the previous outing, but that remains to be seen.

Time will tell if the upgrades warrant the purchase price on this game, but for Street Fighter fanatics and those that passed on the brilliant Street Fighter IV it seems like a no-brainer. Expect this game to be released around mid 2010 with THQ giving it the very generous price point of $AU69.95 - see, no reason not to get this now is there!