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June 19 2007
Stuntman: Ignition - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
5/10/2007THQTHQParadigm Ent.
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation

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Graphics have certainly improved.
Back in September 2002 the PS2 received a game called Stuntman. The game was developed by Reflections (who also developed the Driver series) and published by Infogrames. Five years on and the times have changed. Reflections aren't handling this series any more with Paradigm Entertainment developing the game for new publishers THQ. The first game offered a unique style of game - basically you were a Stuntman and had to drive a series of vehicles through a series of stunt sequence for movies. This sequel keeps much the same idea, but ups the ante in almost every regard.

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Could this be a scene from Volcano 2?
Stuntman: Ignition sees gamers plunged deep into the adrenaline-fueled role of a Hollywood stunt driver, and master the most breathtaking, death-defying vehicle-based stunts ever filmed. As the newest stuntman in Hollywood, you must rise to stardom by combining reckless maneuvering with perfect execution to unlock big-budget blockbusters and lucrative commercial deals. Create movie-magic in 6 uniquely-themed films (at least one of which is a sequel to the Whoopin' and a Hollerin' movie from the first game) on 36 different stunt runs with over 25 vehicles including exotic sports cars, motorcycles and hovercraft.

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The timber fragments and breaks up.
Stuntman: Ignition will also allow gamers to unlock some special bonuses. Most of these are under wraps but the ability to change the paint jobs on some, if not all, the cars in the levels is confirmed, as is a ghost car to show you one way to obtain a 5-star rating in each of the levels.

One of the most unique aspects of this game is that you will be able to play online. The game will enable up to 8-players to participate online at the same time. This mode allows you to 'steal' stunts from rival stuntmen as you battle on the film sets or through custom built back-lot multiplayer arenas. A Stunt Constructor mode will allow you to develop your own stunt runs and challenge other stuntmen online to beat you at your own game.

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Expect plenty of massive explosions!
While we're not sure of the final resolution of the game the screenshots which we obtained were original in 1920 x 1080 resolution hinting that the final game may run in 1080p. As in real cinema there will be plenty of explosions and effects to show off the action. Hopefully, if it is running at the higher resolution a steady frame rate acan also be achieved.

Time will tell how much fun Stuntman: Ignition will be. Hopefully the developers realise that the original game was infuriatingly hard - and that is not a way to extend the length of your game - more levels and better gameplay balance is. Fortunately the developers seem to have eradicated many of the load times from the original game. With such an interesting game premise this could very well be a standout title. PS3 owners can look forward to this title in early October.