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April 30 2007
Spider-man 3 - PS3 Preview
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Spiderman lets fly with a punch.
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New Goblin fights Peter Parker.

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Spiderman swings around...
So who's heading out to the local cinema this Thursday? If you're reading this preview then I would have to assume that you realise the next Spider-man movie is set to be released. All going well I'll be there as well for the most anticipated movie of the year. As expected there's a game to tie-in to the movie, but it expands significantly on the storyline - in fact there are many more story threads in this game then the movie. Developed by Treyarch (who worked on the first two games and would have plenty of experience with the web slinger by now) this game has plenty of potential of becoming a monster hit just like the movie is certain to become in only a few days.

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About to slam the enemy to the ground.
If you think this movie is going to be a direct port from the movie in terms of storyline you'll be far from the truth. In fact the game includes ten separate storylines - nine of which will are unique to the game having taken inspiration from the multitude of comic books. The game will also include plenty of enemies not seen in the movie including enemies such as Lizard and Scorpion.

One of the first things you notice about this game is the size of New York. The developers have created a city more then 2.5 times as large as that found in Spider-man 2 and with over 20 miles of sewers and subways to explore. The city streets are littered with people and cars while there are plenty of billboards and locations to explore. In terms of gameplay Treyarch has scrapped all the boring parts from the previous game in order to focus on the action. You can tackle any of the ten storylines or do some good and inflict some damage on the three gangs that roam the city streets.

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Hanging around Times Square.
Combat in the game has been overhauled considerably. Spiderman, and his dark side, are much more acrobatic then in previous games with many more aerial combat moves and special abilities. Spidy's sense now allows him to pick out enemies in a crowd.

The PS3's Sixaxis controller will also be used to its fullest with a promise of tilr functionality being built into the game. This will be used to control the New Goblin - some reports online though state that this will only appear in the Collectors Edition of the game in America - so we're not certain it will make it out here, but the odds are pretty good.

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Dark and moody graphics.
Graphically Spiderman 3 certainly looks the part. Background detail is solid however it's the character models that deserve a special mention. In the previous title in the series each of the characters was made up of 5,000 polygons, in this next-generation title that number has been bumped up to 55,000 polygons. From the videos we have seen the animation in the game on the characters is sublime. Spiderman swings between buildings with as much finesse as the one in the movie and while the backgrounds may be more simplistic in terms of texturing there is no denying the sense of speed, or the thrills when sailing by a large building to reach the next objective.

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Grabbing onto a New York taxi.
While the game will contain much of the music from the movie the most exciting part is that Activision has been able to secure many of the actors from the movie to provide voiceovers for the game. As well as Toby Maguire (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) the game will include voiceovers from James Franco (Harry Osborn/New Goblin), Topher Grace (Eddie Brock/Venom), Thomas Haden Church (Flint Marco/Sandman) and J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson). Bruce Campbell will be back as the narrator however Kirsten Dunst will not lend her voice to the game due to her busy schedule (according to the official game forums) with Mary Jane being voiced by Kari Wahlgren instead.

Time will tell if this game lives up to the hype, or indeed the quality of the movie but Activision have a strong track record with licensed games, and this looks like being one of their best yet. Expect a release just after the movie hits the silver screen.