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July 7 2010
The Sly Collection - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
2/12/2010SonySonySucker Punch (Original)
Sanzaru Games (PS3 Update)
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Sly Collection is coming to PS3.
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Sly Raccoon on PS3 includes HD visuals.

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As a thief, Sly spends a lot of time on rooftops.
Released in 2003, 2004 and 2005 the Sly Raccoon games really were a fantastic franchise from developers Sucker Punch (Who have since moved on to developer the stunning inFamous and its upcoming sequel). Sly Raccoon, however, was a brilliant platform game franchise using cel-shaded style visuals, a great sense of humour, and plenty of entertaining battles. These games were certainly overlooked by many people so re-releasing the titles, and upgrading them, should see a wider audience picking them up.

The Sly Collection, which is being ported to the PS3 through Sanzaru Games, sees the three games in the series, Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves brought together for the very first time, however they aren't simple ports running on the PS3 but have been redeveloped with HD visuals (and even 3D support - in part), Trophy support and Playstation Move support. Now that's certainly added value.

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The Sly Collection is due for release in late 2010.
Essentially each of these three titles is a third person action/stealth game but includes plenty of action sequences as well. With game lenghts running at around 10 hours for each title, possibly more, this is certainly going to represent good value for money.

As we mentioned briefly there are a couple of other features which makes The Sly Collection such an impressive release. First of all the games will now include trophies with a Platinum trophy for each of the three games in the collection. Also, the developers are including support for the Playstation Move controller in several all-new mini-games found throughout the titles. Huzzah!

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Visually the Sly Cooper games impress.
Of course running on the PS3 has allowed the developers to dramatically boost the visuals in this game and indeed gone is the old Standard Definition visuals and in its place are much sharper High Definition visuals, although we're not sure if they're 720p or 1080p (we suspect the former).

That's not all though as Sony have confirmed that the third game in the series, Sly 3, will not only be remastered in HD, but will also support stereoscopic 3D for those with the latest in 3DTV technology. We haven't seen this running as yet, but can imagine that the visuals, with the very bold artwork, would look a treat on a 3DTV.

We have to say that despite being last-generation games we are really amped for The Sly Collection. Although for some reason we never posted reviews (did we actually get them for review, or purchase them, I can't remember) we did play through each game and had a blast - each is a game worth of a very high score, possibly in the 90s. With a release scheduled for late 2010 The Sly Collection looks like an essential purchase. In fact, unless something goes amiss with the porting, we guarantee it's a must have.