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April 21, 2009
SingStar Queen - PS3 Review
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Note: As much of this release (such as the SingStore and certain game modes) is identical to that of other PS3 SingStar titles some sections of this review have been recycled.

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The classic Bohemian Rhapsody.
Following the massive success of SingStar Abba it was inevitable that Sony would continue to release titles focusing on single bands and for their second release they have turned to British band Queen - one of the worlds biggest acts with several hit songs between 1973 and 1991 when lead singer Freddie Mercury passed away. But you're not limited to Queen with this release. Thanks to the SingStore you can purchase any of hundreds of songs for only a couple of dollars each to build your library up quite quickly.

In the slim chance that you are unaware, SingStar is Sony Europe's karaoke game. Using the original songs (not dodgy remakes), and the original video clips where available, the game scores you according to the pitch of your voice and the accuracy to the original recordings. The PS3 versions of SingStar remain quite similar to the PS2 titles in nearly every regard. Single player modes see you selecting a song and sing in either a long or short version with the goal being to score the highest number of points. If you want to practice the songs you can enter the Freestyle Mode.

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Freddy Mercury died well before his time!
As with all iterations of the game the most fun is had when you hit the multi-player modes. In previous games this is split up into three sections; Pass the Mic, Battle and Duet. Pass the Mic is a party styled game for up to 8-players and sees gamers having to pass the mic from one player to another in a series of challenge - certainly fantastic entertainment if everyone is keen to play, but just watch that your mics don't start flying around the room! The battle mode allows two players to sing the same song at the same time, the person with the highest score is declared the victor. The third mode here is the Duet for 2-players which sees each player singing a different part of the song. Less competitive, but just as entertaining. Finally we have the Harmony Duet mode which allows two participants to sing different lines to a song at the same time. Finally we are pleased to report that a patch will be released this week which will enable SingStar trophies which should work with this release as well. Hooray!

The great news about SingStar Queen is that Sony have grabbed pretty much every big song of theirs for inclusion on their disc - we certainly can't think of any that are missing! As with SingStar Abba the PS3 version of the game includes five additional tracks not found on the PS2 version. Having said that though there are only 25 songs on this disc, down from the usual 30 but with such quality it's hard to complain.
A Kind of Magic
Another One Bites The Dust
Bicycle Race
Bohemian Rhapsody
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Donít Stop Me Now
Fat Bottomed Girls
Hammer to Fall
I Want It All
I Want To Break Free
Killer Queen
One Vision
Play The Game
Radio Ga Ga
Somebody to Love
The Show Must Go On
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Tie Your Mother Down
Under Pressure
We Are The Champions
We Will Rock You
Who Wants To Live Forever
You're My Best Friend

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SingStar Queen uses the original video clips.
As with other titles in the franchise SingStar Queen's online component isn't just about downloading the music as Sony have built an entire community to get involved with. You can set up a profile about yourself, and the game will record your high score. You can view everyone else's profile online, and also look at their media such as photos, audio and video. Speaking of which it is possible to, though the Playstation's camera, take a photo of yourself (or your group of friends) or even record your performances to put online. New items can also be purchased including themes for the game (it is possible to change the look of the game with new background images and theme music which is a nice touch and while the game provides around a dozen on the disc, others can be purchased for a couple of dollars). The only thing missing from the online connectivity is the ability to compete online. Sadly while we hoped this would be added in future, this isn't the case as yet.

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Hitting the right notes in SingStar Queen.
Finally, years after being initially promised, Sony has delivered the wireless microphones for use with all the SingStar titles. These are available separately from this game for $AU79.95, but seeing as we received them at the same time as this review disc we though we'd mention that they are awesome. Despite the fact that they don't use Blutooth - they have a USB Infrared dongle to plug in - the build quality is superb. Sony claim improved clarity with these microphones which may be true as they certainly sound impressive.

In terms of disappointments the biggest remains a lack of HD video clips - although with these songs being quite old that is probably understandable here. Another ongoing disappointment is that despite the massive boost in processing power PS3 SingStar still does not recognise actual lyrics being sung - you can still hum at the right pitch to rack up the scores. Finally in terms of online connectivity users can still only upload 30 second clips from PSEye recordings while singing, and there's still no option to select the clip to be uploaded.

Seeing as most of these songs are now a couple of decades old we were quite impressed with the video quality on the video clips - no they're not as sharp as the latest releases, but they are certainly better then we expected. The menus interface is the same as previous PS3 SingStar titles - that being super slick with some great

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SingStar Queen looks like the previous games.
Graphically this game is on par with other SingStar titles on the PS3. The menu and interface is super slick with some wonderful HD visuals, although the video clips still aren't too stunning to look at. The audio is on par with other titles with Stereo sound and impressive menu sounds.

SingStar Queen is another impressive game in the SingStar library. While we didn't expect this band-focused release to add any new features it's still disappointing that there isn't anything new at all. If you like Queen and karaoke there is no reason to bypass this release.

Review By: Dave Warner

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GRAPHICSPresentation is superb while video clip quality is good given the age.
SOUNDIt's Singstar. Clean music, nice menu music, nice effects.
GAMEPLAYThis is SingStar; same as before. Plenty of well known Queen songs to sing to here. Nothing new disappoints somewhat.
VALUEOnly 25 tracks on this release, but you'll know most with many classic tracks.
OVERALLSingStar Queen is a great compilation if you like the band. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know some of these tracks at least. Great fun.

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