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May 14 2007
SingStar - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
6/12/2007SonySonySCEE London Studios
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
1-2None$49.95 standalone
$99.95 with mics
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Running the game with online profiles.
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Clips will be 16:9 HD where possible.

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Customising the background themes.
We love SingStar. I dont there has been a game or series on PS2 that has been played more then Sony's karaoke title here at the gaming area. It was with much joy then that we learned that Sony also see this as a key title on the Playstation 3, and they are spending plenty of time ensuring this is one of the 'key' titles on the system.

In the slim chance that you are unaware SingStar is Sony Europe's karaoke game. Using the original songs (not dodgy remakes), and the original video clips, the game scores you according to the pitch of your voice. Multi-player will be supported with duets and battles.

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Downloading now plays a major part.
The biggest change to this game is that unlike the PS2 titles, which saw a couple of new DVD's being released each year the Playstation 3, with its inbuilt hard drive, will allow gamers to download tracks (as well as new skins, new voice effects & artist images), save them, and then add them onto your playlists. According to reports the tracks will be no more then a couple of dollars each - or around the same as it costs to download a song on iTunes - although Sony will of course be considering these pricing options closer to release. We can now confirm that the PS3 disc will include 30 tracks, the details of which are yet to be revealed. Unfortunately the early thought that would would be able to 'import' or 'copy' songs from PS2 games to the HDD have been scuttled citing copyright reasons (what would stop you copying your entire catalogue to a friends PS3 for instance?). You will be able to insert the original PS2 discs into the PS3 to play through the PS3 version of SingStar.

SingStar on the Playstation 3 also makes use of the Eye Toy (we're not sure if they mean the new one coming out, the old PS2 one or either). The camera can record your performances, save them to disc and also allows you to transfer it to the PSP for later playback.

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Selecting tracks by genre.
Quite some time ago Sony promised that the new SingStar for PS3 would ship with all new, and improved microphones. Not only that but they were to be wireless which would make passing them around so much easier. Sadly Sony has recently announced that the new microphones won't be available until after the title launches on the PS3, so at this stage gamers will have to continue to use thier old mics or, if you've never owned a SingStar title, buy this game with the mics bundled in for a very generous price of only $AU99.95.

There's little doubt that SingStar is a 'key' title for a number of reasons. Firstly it will ensure the Playstation 3 is seen as more then a console for 'hardcore' gamers. Sony have done a stellar job of bringing gaming to the mainstream public and non-gamers and this will continue that emphasis. Secondly, and probably more importantly, by emphasising the ability for gamers to download new songs it ensures that potentially millions of gamers will take their PS3's online, use Sony's download service, and hopefully realise the systems full potential.

While Sony Europe were hopeful that SingStar would be a launch title for the (aborted) November 2006 PS3 launch, it was not to be. Even with the delay we were extremely surprised that the game wasn't a launch title in March and after a couple of other delays the title should now hit the shelves in mid-December. Having said that the American version has just been delayed due to licensing problems and won't hit shelves until 2008 - let's hope our version doesn't suffer the same fate.