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February 1 2012
Street Fighter X Tekken - PS3 Preview
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Guile takes on King in SFxTekken.
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Visually Street Fighter X Tekken is great.

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Battle of the females in this Dino Crisis themed level.
Take the two biggest fighting franchises in the world - Street Fighter and Tekken - put them in a big mixer and what do you get? Well, Street Fighter X Tekken of course. Announced at the 2010 ComicCon this is a highly anticipated game which throws Namco's Tekken characters into a 2D world, with Street Fighter styled gameplay. It's a unique twist which promises to add a new spin to the aging series'.

Interestingly there is something of a plot to this game, although Capcom are still remaining fairly tight lipped about the exact details. What is known from a trailer released at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show is that a cube shape object has crashed to earth with a mysterious purpose which increases the power of anyone that fights in close proximity to the object. This object is named "Pandora".

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Zangief Vs Heihachi battle it out.
While further details of the storyline are to be revealed we do know quite a bit more about the gameplay. As previously mentioned this game uses the Street Fighter styled gameplay including Super Combos and EX attacks. Given this is a tag team styled battle game you will need to select two characters for each team. Those used to the Tekken games though will be catered for as the developers are incorporating the 4-button system from that franchise as well. Unlike other Capcom titles where all opposing fighters must be defeated to claim victory in Street Fighter Vs Tekken you need only defeat one of the two opposing fighters. Street Fighter X Tekken does include two new major gameplay elements - a Gem System and Pandora Mode. The Gem System allows you to equip up to three gems to fighters which boosts their abilities. These gems some in six categories including attack, defense, speed, vitality, assist and Cross Gauge. Gems become activated when certain conditions are met during the game. The Pandora mode is quite different in that when one of your fighter falls below 25% health that character can be sacrificed and in doing so gives the remaining fighter increased strength and infinite Cross Gauge. While it sounds like an unfair advantage by activating this you have a limited time to defeat your opponent or the loss will be yours!

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Street Fighter x Tekken is on PS3 in March.
Naturally Capcom will also be including full online functionality for gameplay, leader boards, online training modes, and much more. Online gameplay allows 4-players to enter a match together with a player controlling each of the characters on each team.

Of course, as with any game, the fighting roster is fairly important and we don't think this game will disappoint fans of either franchise. From the Street Fighter side combatants include Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, Chun-Li, Cammy, Sagat, Dhalsim, Poison, Hugo, Ibuki, Rolento, Zangief, Rufus, Balrog, Vega, Juri and M. Bison. Looking at the Tekken side of the ledger the developers are including Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, Bob, Julia, Hwoarang, Steve, Yoshimitsu, Raven, Kuma, Heihachi, Lili, Asuka, Law, Paul and Xiaoyu. Finally there are three new characters for this game which are exclusive to the PS3/Vita versions - Cole (from the inFamous franchise), as well as Sony mascots Toro and Kuro. A couple more PlayStation Exclusive characters have just been revealed as well - Mega-man and Pac-Man!

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Law shows Dhalsim who's boss!
We should also point out that there are a few different versions available in Australia so if they float your boat the you have the following options. EB Games are exclusively offering the full- blown Special Edition for $128 which includes a Build-It-Yourself Arcade Cabinet Bank (approximately 5" high), Exclusive Prequel Comic Book by UDON and 45 Gem Power-Ups which allow you to customise your fighting style. JB Hi-Fi offers the standard edition with a 60 cm x 90 cm wall scroll featuring Ryu and Kazuya Mishima while Game are offering the standard edition bundled with a Kazuya Mishima and Ken T-shirt.

Fighting fans should be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this game as the development team brings together two of the biggest fighting franchises to battle it out in one game. This game, which has more of a Street Fighter style to it then Tekken is the first in a pair of announced titles with Tekken X Street Fighter being developed by Namco for release somewhere in the future (2013 is a safe bet). Expect this game to hit shelves in March 2012.