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September 5 2007
Sega Rally - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
27/9/2007SegaSegaSega Driving Studio
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation

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Graphics are simply jaw dropping.
Yet another of Sega's most popular franchises is being resurrected on next-generation hardware - but this time isn't some little known franchise - but rather one of the greatest franchises of all time. The release of Sega Rally Championship in the arcades in 1995 was a revelation. It was a rally game that put fun above all else with massive slides around the corners and stunning visuals which still stand up pretty well today. The company released a sequel, Sega Rally 2 in 1998 which was another stunning title while only last year Sega released Sega Rally 2006 on the PS2 - but after some very mediocre reviews the title did not see the light of day outside Japan and Korea. Now we have Sega Rally (or Sega Rally Revo as it will be known in America) set for release on the Playstation 3.

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Actual in-game racing screenshot.
Developed at Sega's new Sega Driving Studio this game looks set to set new benchmarks not only in this series, but for all rally games. Skilled driving will go hand-in-hand with pure luck as you hurtle around looping tracks in a wide selection of (well, around thirty) 4WD, 2WD & classic vehicles that react quite differently depending upon the racing surface. Some of the cars confirmed for the game so far include Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, Ford Focus RS, Peugeot 206 WRC, äkoda Fabia, and CitroŽn Xsara Rallycross. That's right the game will include a variety of deformable surfaces, from littered gravel tracks, all weather tarmac roads, to snow driven trails - no two laps let alone a race will ever be the same!

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Official cars and sponsors are in place.
Damage will also be included in the game however we hasten to add it won't be realistic. Still the car will deform and receive visible damage which will, the very least add some realism.

Single player and multiplayer split screen, along with online capabilities will offer race fans an unbelievably competitive and first class driving experience. In fact the online racing will allow six competitors to take place in a race at the same time. Expect there to be plenty of bumps and scrapes in these frantic races.

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Check out the mud splatter on the cars.
Certainly one of the most exciting aspects of this game is the deformable terrain. We've already seen this implemented in Sony's own Motorstorm, although it was rather restrained in its effect and usefulness during races. This game uses this deformation as a key gameplay element. If you drive over the grooves you'll loose traction, and therefor speed. If you manage to plant your tyres in an opposition racers groovemarks you'll get better traction and increase in speed. It will be interesting to see how well Sega manage to implement that feature in this title.

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Wait till you see this moving!
Naturally, and as you can probably see from these screenshots this is a gorgeous game to look at. Car detail is solid enough, and trackside details are lush as well. What you can't see is the silky smooth frame rate and the amount of dust and mud that is kicked up from the tracks as you race around them. As an interesting side-note original arcade games Model-2 arcade board could only cope with cars of around 150 polygons each - this new game pushes about 65,000 polygons per car!

Sega Rally looks like a great game and the inclusion of multiple cars on the track will bring some excitement not seen in most other racing games and if the online gameplay is solid this should be a killer title in late 2007.