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September 13, 2011
Resistance 3 - PS3 Review
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Taking on the Widowmaker in St Louis.
When the Playstation 3 launched one of the most exciting titles was Resistance: Fall of Man which has now sold almost 4 million units. The sequel, Resistance 2, pushed the limits further with 60-player online gameplay being a feature, but a somewhat mixed reception saw sales drop significantly. Sony and developers Insomniac are going all-out to ensure this sequel lifts the franchise back to the top of the pile.

Set four years after the events of Resistance 2 this latest title sees America having been overrun by Chimera with little hope for survivors. Now the Chimera have opened up a worm hole above New York City and as Joseph Capelli, and with information from Dr. Malikov, the last hope is for Joe, as he's called throughout the game by almost everyone you come across in the early sections, to travel across America and close the worm hole - somehow... hopefully...

Starting up this game will come as a bit of a shock. No, it's not a gory intro, but rather a very hefty Day 1 patch (1.01) which weighs in at a hefty 656MB. After waiting for that to download and install the game starts only to have a mandatory data installation. Fortunately an intro video showing the spread of the Chimera virus plays which is nice - but when it finishes the game is only around 25% installed and need to sit back for a few more minutes. Oh then there's the Trophy installation, and then the brightness setting and then the screen calibration. Anyway, thatís my big starting gripe. After that, it's one hell of a ride...

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The cut-scenes are visually impressive.
There are three main options on the main menu - Campaign, Co-Op and Multiplayer. The campaign mode, which lasts for around 10 hours, is a solid First Person Shooter. There is very little to complain about here with gorgeous visuals, a wide range of weapons which fans of the franchise will recognise including the Auger rifle which can see through walls, Hedgehog Grenades and the Bullseye rifle. In a nice touch their abilities automatically "level up" as you progress while the developers have thrown in a couple of new weapons.

Joe moves around smoothly, but can also crouch down behind cover, and sprint. There's still no cover system as such, but this game is so frantic, often with dozens of enemies on-screen, you won't have time to slow down, and enemies are pretty quick to flank you if you're not careful. Finally there is no health regeneration here, you'll be looking for medipacks to top up your health with a disappointing inability to store a couple for later use.

The Co-Op mode allows you to play the game with a friend via split-screen mode. This is a new feature to the franchise and is certainly up to the task if you want to play with a friend.

Multiplayer has undergone a serious overhaul for Resistance 3 including a cutting down of players from 60 to a much smaller 16 which, while sounding disappointing initially, is all for the better and allows the online battles to be more focused and intimate. Game modes should satisfy all with Deathmatch, Deathmatch Small, Team Deathmatch, War Games, Capture the Flag, Breach, and Chain Reaction. As with almost every modern FPS a "Perk" system has been implemented which, in this title, is called "Abilities" while there are Kill Streak awards as well. As you progress new weapons and abilities are unlocked and we can certainly see gamers spend considerable time playing this game online.

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Joe Capelli runs for his life!
In terms of disappointments there aren't too many here at all. Our biggest is probably to do with the Playstation Move support for the game which, while present, isn't quite as responsive as we'd hope. We're sure it will find some fans, but for us the Dual Shock 3 is still the controller of choice. While the gameplay is solid level design is still a little too linear for our liking. Many paths are narrow and there is little option to deviate. Having said that there are some areas which offer open enough environments to tackle enemies from different angles. I also loved the ideas of camouflaged Chimera snipers which were like cool semi-transparent predators. Unfortunately they are given away by a stupid, permanently on, red laser sight which directs you straight too them.

As confirmed in early July 2011 Resistance 3 introduces Sony's new "PSN Pass" system which acts much like an Online pass as seen with several other companies in recent times. This PSN pass, and we must stress the retail game includes the pass in the box, allows you to play the game online on a console by registering the game however if you pick up the game second hand, and assuming the original owner used the pass, you will need to purchase a "PSN Pass" through the Playstation Store. We don't know the price as yet, but we don't believe it will be too high.

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Taking on a massive Goliath.
Visually Resistance 3 is very impressive indeed on both a technical and artistic level. Rarely has there been a game which shows a war-torn civilization with such a degree of realism and jaw-dropping intensity. Enemies are not only superbly detailed, but often very numerous with a dozen or more swarming towards you at any point in time. Thrown in the various weapons effects, explosions, smoke, fog, water, and fire and this becomes one of the most impressive games on PS3 visually. If there are some negatives we noticed the odd frame rate hiccup on occasion while some of the human characters lack some facial detail and animation.

One more final positive for gamers, and a big plus for Sony, is that Resistance 3 now supports stereoscopic 3DTV's. We haven't actually tried this game in 3D ourselves - when we are able to we'll update this review - but if the 2D presentation and editing are anything to go by we can see plenty of "wow" moments in 3D.

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Multiplayer is solid in Resistance 3.
Sound too is very impressive with some fantastic music which sets the tone of the game, and action sequences, perfectly however it's during the quieter moments that the music is at its best. Sound effects from the numerous weapons are fantastic, and explosions will have your room shaking. Fortunately the dialogue, which is often a negative, is not only superbly scripted, but well delivered too. Surround sound use is frequent and aggressive which certainly assists in building atmosphere as well as determining where enemies are located by their gunfire alone.

If you love the Resistance franchise, and there are certainly a lot of people in that boat, the there's no reason not to pick up this game. The campaign, in single player or co-op, is fantastic with great boss encounters and frantic gameplay while multiplayer won't disappoint either. Technically polished Resistance 3 is another showcase title on PS3.

Review By: Dave Warner

GRAPHICSGreat war-torn environments, great effects, but occasional average modelling on humans.
SOUNDSuperb sound effects during battle and decent speech. Sonically impressive.
GAMEPLAYFast and frantic FPS action with superb boss battles although a little linear. Multiplayer is great fun.
VALUEAround 10 hours for single player, much more in multiplayer and co-op.
OVERALLFans of the franchise will be glad to hear that Resistance 3 is another great title in the series although it doesn't do too much to advance the franchise. Still, this is well worth picking up.

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