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June 2 2009
Red Faction: Guerrilla - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
5/6/2009THQTHQVolition, Inc
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Vehicles play a large role in Red Faction.
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The first area on Mars with vegetation, Oasis.

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The games hero, Alec Mason.
It seems hard to believe but it has now been eight years since the first Red Faction was released on the PS2. At the time it was a groundbreaking title with the ability to destroy parts of the game world thanks to the Geo-Mod technology. This allowed you to open up new paths, or take out enemies with parts of the world. Seventeen months later in November 2002 a sequel was released which expanded the franchise, but moved the setting to Earth. Then the franchise disappeared. Now seven years later THQ and developers of the original games Volition, Inc are putting the finishing touches on this latest game which promises to push the series further then ever before.

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World destruction is stunning to witness.
Taking place 50 years after the events of the first game in 2208 Red Faction: Guerrilla the Earth Defense Force (EDF for short) has taken control of all operations on Mars. The colonists have been stripped of all their rights with many being kidnapped by the EDF and forced into slave labor camps. There is no choice left but to revolt. One of the miners, Alec Mason, is willing to take up the cause, and he starts the uprising against the EDF.

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The cut-scenes look wonderful.
This biggest change made from the two original Red Faction titles to this game is the shift from a First Person Shooter, to a Third Person Shooter. This allows the developers to make better use of the Geo-Mod technology and also allows gamers to see obstacles and objects close to them. Another change is that, unlike the sequel, this game has reverted back to the original setting of Mars. While bland from the point of a lack of trees or wildlife, except for one area called Oasis, it does give the game a unique look and there will be plenty of interiors to explore including the mining towns of Parker and Dust and the capital city of Eos.

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Watch out for the crumbling building.
Red Faction: Guerrilla is an open-world sandbox styled game, with gamers able to take on a variety of missions within each of the six zones on Mars. The game will include 34 vehicles to use including APCs, a 6 wheel cargo truck, a walking construction mech, and a jetpack among others. Weapons will also play a large role in the game and to date we know machine gun turrets, rocket turrets, remote charges, a sledgehammer, and machine guns among others.

Using the Geo-Mod 2.0 technology this latest title will include much improved world destruction. In fact should you shoot a building the wall will crumble and break away. Set some charges at the base of the building on the supporting columns and it will crumble to the ground. Naturally though the enemies can also destroy items in the game world and what may appear to be solid cover may not be for too long.

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All the buildings are completely destructible.
Multi-player will also be supported in the game with up to 16 players able to battle it out. From the XBox 360 Online Beta we know that the game will include a Team Deathmatch (called Team Anarchy) and a Capture the Flag mode as well. We certainly expect there to be some more modes, many of which will make the destructible environments a key selling point, including the Wrecking Crew mode detailed below.

If online isn't your thing then you will be pleased to hear that the developers are including an offline multi-player mode called Wrecking Crew. This mode isn't a Deathmatch as such but sees gamers competing to cause the most amount of destruction given a set amount of time and/or ammo.

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Some more Red Faction: Guerrilla destruction.
Visually the development team has done a pretty decent job with Red Faction: Guerrilla - very decent in fact. While the game world isn't overly detailed or populated what makes this game so remarkable is the amount of destruction in the game world. The videos we have seen of the game are impressive, although there appears to be some screen tearing occasionally - this could be a result of bad video compression, or may be cleaned up prior to release. Still it isn't bad enough to ruin the gameplay from what we've seen.

We loved the first two Red Faction games, and we have high hopes that this third title will be a blast given the power of the PS3 pushing the visuals, and Geo-Mod technology. With a release date currently set for June 5th 2009 there isn't too long until we see what Volition have come up with. If you can't wait that long, a demo was released online a few weeks ago.

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Another objective is complete.
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The colonists have been turned into slaves...