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July 23 2008
Pure - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
2/10/2008FuntasticDisneyBlack Rock Studio
Offline Players Online players Price Anticipation
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Getting some air on the Italian track!
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Vehicles, and riders, in Pure look great.

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XBox 360 gameplay screen of Wyoming in Pure.
There's little doubt that racing games are big business. Gran Turismo, Mario Kart, Burnout, V8 Supercars/TOCA, and Forza each sell by the millions. Then you have the dozens of 'lesser' titles which also manage to sell in numbers and are just as entertaining. While the PS3 has already seen Motorstorm sell by the millions we now have another contender on the block, Pure, from Black Rock Studio.

Never heard of Black Rock Studio? Well that's probably as the company recently changed their name from Climax Racing who have worked on MotoGP and ATV Offroad Fury titles. A good pedigree that's for sure, and this off-road racing game looks just as impressive.

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Smile for the camera over New Mexico!
Pure takes place in seven real-world locations from all over the globe with more than 30 tracks. Locations revealed to date include Wyoming, Italy and New Mexico, each of which is represented in the screenshots around this preview. Rather then being a straight racing game the tracks have been set up to give you massive air time which allows tricks to play a major part in the game. There are three levels of tricks in total, each one corresponding to a face button (you can see them in the XBox 360 in-game screens around this preview). Interesting the meter that fills up to activate the tricks, is also used for boost, so if you use boost, you'll reduce the opportunity for tricks and vice versa. In all, there are over 80 different tricks to perform in the game.

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Xbox 360 screen, PS3 should be identical.
As well as being a racing game there is customization available so you can customize the ATV to your own liking. Multi-player will also be supported in the game, for up to 16-players. Indeed the three game modes from the single player event will also be playable online. These game modes include Trick, Sprint and Freestyle.

Claims that this game would include 'photo-realistic real-world locations' were pretty much laughed off by us here at however having seen this game in action, and the numerous screenshots which you see around this preview Black Rock Studio may actually succeed. It is certainly one of the most impressive games we have seen, and if the frame rate holds up it could become a benchmark on the PS3. The game will also include a licensed soundtrack, with the song list still being determined and announced.

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Visually Pure is very impressive.
To be perfectly honest Pure is going to have its work cut out to match the quality of Sony's Motorstorm and its upcoming sequel (which, we must add, isn't blowing us away as yet!), or even the quality of THQ's solid MX Vs ATV Untamed however having said that it must be pointed out that Pure's developers have a solid track record in the racing genre, and visually this game looks impressive. After moving forward a couple of times we can now expect this game to be released on October 2nd 2008 through Disney Interactive Studios and Aussie distributers Funtasic.