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May 12 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - PS3 Preview
Release Date Distributer Publisher Developer
7/6/2007FuntasticDisney Interactive StudiosEurocom
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Actors have been faithfully modelled for the game.
The first Pirates of the Caribbean took an extremely impressive $US650 million worldwide at the box office. Given that many thought the movie would be a flop due to it being based on a theme park ride, and that it had pirates - a notoriously poor box office performer it was a major shock to have it perform so well. Disney then put two sequels into production back to back. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest, released in 2006, surprised again by breaking box office records and generating a monstrous $US1050 million (yes, $US1.05 billion) in ticket sales around the world! So here we are. The third movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will wrap up many storylines and is sure to be a monster box office draw when it hits the cinemas later this month.

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A good time to climb the mast.
"With great power comes great responsibility". Oh wait, wrong franchise! Umm... "With a surefire hit movie comes the obligatory game tie-in". Indeed Disney Interactive Studios, and developers Eurocom, are putting their finishing touches on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End which looks pretty impressive. But there's a twist, as this game covers not only the new movie, but also the previous movie in the franchise, Pirates of the caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This has given the developers a much wider range of locations, characters, battles and storylines to draw inspiration and ideas from.

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An in-game screenshot with HUD showing.
As one would expect this game is a third person action adventure which sees the heroes battle a wide range of crazed pirates and weird creatures across a series of exotic locations around the world. Actually Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will actually go beyond the events in the movies somewhat with some additional areas to explore.

Of course the big focus of this game will be the combat - and you can rest assured that the developers have spent a considerable amount of time making sure that the swordplay in this game is up to the standards set in the Gore Verbinski movies. As well as being able to control multiple characters in the game the PS3 version will apparently feature an ability to use the tilt mechanism in the Sixaxis controller when you need to balance. The game will also include plenty of unlockable content such as secret characters, new weapons, items and moves and some secret locations.

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Locations really do look impressive.
We must admit that the screenshots in this preview are from the XBox 360 version - however the PS3 game should be very similar, if not identical, to these screens. As you can see the main characters including Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner have all been rather superbly modelled on the real actors (Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom) and certainly look the part. As yet we're unsure if Chow Yun-Fat and Geoffrey Rush have taken part in the game, or anyone else. Animation also looks pretty good with motion capturing ensuring each character moves realistically while the developers have also used the fight coreographer from the movie to ensure authenticity in this game. Hopefully the developers can also pull off a solid frame rate. Another area that can't be denied is just how brilliant the various locations seen throughout the screenshots and trailers appear to be. Indeed Eurocom have worked with Industrial Light and Magic who provided the ship models from the movies for inclusion in this game.

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Locations look pretty impressive.
Unfortunately the main actors have not provided additional voiceovers for the game, with other actors - who sound remarkably similar to the real actors mind you - have recorded additional dialogue for the game. We do believe that two actors who have smaller parts in the movies will provide thier voices - and our guess is that it may be the two pirate friends (the one whose eye keeps falling out and his friend played by Mackenzie Crook and Lee Arenberg).

Movie tie-ins are typically average quality, but Eurocom seem to have everything in place to make Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End one of the best tie-ins in recent years. Expect this game to be released in late May - although we have heard that the game may arrive a few weeks later.